Juneathon Day 11: A pain in the arse!

By pain in the arse, I mean, quite literally, a pain in the arse.

No doubt you’ve all cursed the weather today in much the same way as me. However, Juneathon called, Jimmy nagged and out for a run I went. It started off fairly well in that my foot felt good enough for me to push to two miles. However, a mile in, I felt a sharp, stabbing pain at the top of my left leg. I pushed on through it, but the pain got worse and I called it quits at 1.7 miles, limping back up the stairs to my flat.

To add insult to injury, my right foot has decided in the past half hour that it feels relegated to second place in the pain stakes and has also flared up again. So far, Juneathon is not working out too well for me. Tomorrow will almost certainly be a rest day.

I went for a run again

When I felt a shooting sharp pain

A pain in my bum

Isn’t much fun

As I jogged home up the lane.

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3 responses to “Juneathon Day 11: A pain in the arse!”

  1. Bad luck on the injury, hopefully rest tonight and you’ll be fighting fit for tomorrow x

  2. Cassie says:

    Gah! That’s it, definitely no racing for you young lady – we shall replace it with more cake.

  3. Abradypus says:

    That does not sound good. Hope the rest works miracles.

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