Juneathon Day 3: Running in the Reign

Please forgive the slightly terrible pun in the title, but it’s raining and I couldn’t resist, despite knowing that some of you are probably slightly sick of Jubilee Fever. I say enjoy it, we’ve got an extra Bank Holiday.

Today’s effort was, as the title suggests, a run in the rain. My foot has been painful, but I decided to try running a mile in my old shoes to see if it was changing shoes that had caused the pain. I’m hoping my instincts were right as I had no pain at all whilst I was running. And so, I have clocked up my first running Juneathon mile in 8.29. A few more mile runs to test the boundaries and then I’ll start upping the distances to hopefully get back to normal.

As it was also cold and windy out there, it also seemed like a good opportunity to wear my new eGloves. These alien gloves are absolutely fantastic; windproof and despite being thin, surprisingly warm. They also have the unusual gimmick of having sensor pads in the thumb and finger tips, meaning that you can use your phone or mp3 player on the go, handy if you use a running application to track your runs as it means you don’t have to waste time trying to pull a glove off. I’ve got the cool pink ones as pictured below and you can buy them here. These are actually my second pair of eGloves, as I sadly lost the original pair given to me to review during Janathon, but the lovely eGlove people kindly replaced them for me.

Cool pink alien gloves.

Tomorrow I’m trying Pilates for the first time and I am bizarrely excited!

And now, I finish on my limerick:

On the day of the Jubilee

The clouds decided to wee

It pissed down with rain

Running down the drain

And who ran? Yes, it was me!


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