Juneathon Day 6 Helen’s Triathlon

Note, not a triathlon in the true sense of the word. Oh no. That involves swimming and biking and running. Only crazy people do that!

Nope, this is MY version of a triathlon for Juneathon Day 6.

Originally, the plan was to go to parkrun with Geraldine and virtual high 5 Cathy. But when Geraldine contacted me to say she wasn’t feeling too great and could we do 3k instead, I was happy to say yes. We enjoyed an easy bimble round, chatting to each other at 7:11 m/km pace.

That was triathlon stage 1.

Then I decided to see if I could still do a cartwheel. I am hardcore and despite not doing one in many years, I can indeed still do a cartwheel. This was triathlon stage 2. The transition involved standing around chatting, for anyone who cares.

For triathlon stage 3, I went bowling. I’m feeling my way back in at the moment after 3 years out and there’s still lots of work to do. However, on dryer lanes and having to bowl out of my comfort zone, I was pleased to average 198 for the 4 games we bowled. I need to work on releasing the ball fractionally later as it’s coming off my hand too quickly and I need to stop straightening up before I’ve actually released the ball, but it’s nice to see some decent scoring again and feel like I can still do it! Unfortunately, I did tear my thumb on one shot (still a strike, yay me). You can clock my silly face in the video below when I realise that something hurts.

All in all, a good day’s work. I’m going to drink beer now.

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