Karkoa Plume Sports Bag Review

Have you heard of Karkoa? They’re a French company and they make bags specifically designed to take you to work from the gym, or vice versa.

I was invited to review their Karkoa Plume Sports Bag and quite honestly, I can’t sing the praises of this innovative product highly enough. And in this colour, it even blends beautifully well with East London graffiti…

Karkoa Plume Sports Bag

East London style

Karkoa Plume Sports Bag

From the outside, it looks like a fairly standard sports bag. But open it up and that’s where the magic begins. The bag is carefully divided into various compartments, all with a purpose.

Karkoa Plume Sports Bag

Firstly, it has a section for your clean clothes, to be nicely folded up. Enclosed is a handy laundry bag for your dirty bits and this simply zips away underneath, so your clean clothes will never have to share airspace with your sweaty gym kit. Brilliant. They also provide a handy washbag for your toiletries, so no need to worry about shampoo leaking over your shirt. At the other end of the bag is yet another pocket – this is the shoe pocket and it can hold up to size 11 shoes.

It’s fair to say that we all get thirsty after a workout and Karkoa have even thought of this! They’ve managed to include an insulated pocket, which will keep your drink cool. It really does work and is quite sizeable – I’ve also used it to keep my sandwiches cool. It holds my Infruition water bottle very comfortably – if you’ve used one of these, you’ll know they’re a fair bit longer than a standard flask or bottle.

Karkoa plume sports bag

Isn’t it brilliant? The quote “a place for everything, everything in its place” has never been more apt!

Finally, if you’re like me, you go nowhere without your mobile phone, Kindle and maybe a tablet or laptop. Karkoa have considered all of this and even provided suitable pockets for all the other essentials we use.

Karkoa Plume Sports Bag

In terms of quality, the Karkoa Plume Sports bag is well made. It’s sturdy and the little pieces of detail make it a great bag to use. For example, the handles either side are slightly padded and actually long enough for you to sling the bag on your shoulder. The ladies out there will attest to this – it’s really annoying using a handbag which doesn’t *quite* sling over the shoulder. The handles on this bag have taken this into account. It also comes with a detachable strap, so that it can be worn across body. Again, Karkoa have paid attention to deal. The strap is padded and is positioned either side of the zip, meaning that it actually sits properly instead of all the weight leaning to one side. Finally, I couldn’t help smiling at the little pictures inside each compartment telling you what it’s for.

The bag retails for £60 and is also available as a rucksack. In addition to being a great gym bag, I think it’s also the perfect bag for those overnight trips where you want to travel light – it holds everything you need and teaches you how to back. My only real criticisms are that it isn’t available in the shops and doesn’t come in brighter colours. Oh and that although it can carry the kitchen sink, it can’t do the washing up.

The Karkoa Plume Sports bag is available online at Karkoa’s website. If you’re looking for a new overnight bag or a gym bag, I strongly suggest you make it this one!


Karkoa Plume Sports Bag

Packed and ready to use!

Karkoa provided me with a bag for review. Opinions my own. Did you enjoy this review? Follow me on Bloglovin and don't miss an update!

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