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I was recently invited to become a Brand Ambassador for Kiqplan. For the unaware, Kiqplan is a digital coach, a personalised training app designed to help you change the way you feel over a 12 week period. Interestingly, Kiqplan isn’t just about setting you workouts to do each day, it also provides you with nutritional advice, recipes and fitness videos, along with encouragement to keep you on track. A selection of different plans are available.

The 10k distance is one I have struggled with in the past. I’ve never managed to find quite the right balance between running hard like a 5k and easing off the pace, like a half marathon. I have often struggled with my nutrition for this distance as well. So when Kiqplan offered me the choice of going through the 5k or 10k Race for Life plan, I opted for the 10k option.

Race for Life isn’t a race that I would usually do as I don’t support the charity and I last ran it in 2010 to show solidarity with a friend who had sadly lost her mother to cancer the week before. However, I do recognise that it does get many women up and moving and a training plan to help them prepare for this can only be a good thing.

Check back to follow my progress and thoughts on what looks to be a remarkably well thought out plan. It even offers targets for sleep! It’s available for £19.99 and is much, much more than just a list of exercises. I’m looking forward to seeing how the nutritional advice works out for me.

In association with Kiqplan – I will be writing a series of blog posts as a brand ambassador.


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