Life on the injury bench

My next blog post was supposed to be an update on my training for the Tallinn Marathon in September. Or it was supposed to be an announcement on my big target for next year.

Unfortunately, both of those things are now on hold. I’m hopeful of next year’s goal, but I don’t want to announce it until I’m sure I can work for it.

Yep. I’m on the injury bench and I am more than a little bit frustrated about it.




I have been struggling a bit in this hot weather to run, so on Saturday I’d arranged to go for a run and then a drink with Laura. We had a good catch up along the canal, finishing up through King’s Park when I somehow managed to trip and go flying as we ran down a slope. I’m not entirely sure what happened, just that my right ankle turned, I dropped my water bottle and was carried down by gravity, hearing a concerning crunch from my ankle as I went. I have no idea how I managed to stay up right and I came to a stop, holding myself up against a tree. I sat down and felt dizzy, I honestly thought I was going to throw up and my immediate concern was that I’d broken my ankle.

Laura came running and loosened my shoes for me. I managed to wriggle my toes once the initial shock had worn off and decided that although it hurt, it was probably just a wrench or a twist. With that in mind, I managed to limp with Laura to Spencers in Retford for a recovery drink where we continued our lovely catch up and I waited for Jimmy to come and collect me.

By the time I was home, my ankle was starting to throb and I asked Jimmy to help me take my shoe and sock off for me. I yelped as he peeled back my sock and he looked slightly alarmed. “Your ankle isn’t the right shape.” We deduced that my compression sock was holding my ankle together and as I could no longer weight-bear and I had a tennis ball sticking out the side, we decided that a trip to A&E was in order.


sprained anke
After we got my sock off


Bassetlaw A&E, you are WONDERFUL. The staff were so efficient and friendly, we even managed to have a giggle about it all. Thank you. The triage nurse looked and described my ankle as almost certainly broken. The doctor looked and said he was going to send me to x-ray to confirm the exact location of the break, but that it was probably broken.

However, much to the shock of the lovely doctor, the x-ray came back clear. I was sent off with crutches, pain relief and told that it could be a long recovery and to go back Tuesday if the swelling and pain hadn’t gone down. My marathon in September is now off the cards.

So here I am, lying with my foot elevated, feeling a bit frustrated. Injuries happen. Far worse things happen in life. But it’s hard not to feel frustrated when you suffer a setback. Running was going okay, albeit that I was finding it tough in the heat. I was getting back into bowling and just got new equipment and that was going well.




Any tips for a frustrated runner?

4 thoughts on “Life on the injury bench

  1. I’m so sorry you’ve picked up an injury Helen. So frustrating. I’m gutted for you.

    As for tips for a frustrated runner. As you know I’ve had a few injuries in my time.. I’d generally start off by feeling pi5sed off with life and would head to the local pub to drown my sorrows. I’d also eat shite and make myself feel a million times worse.

    I’d then give myself a talking to and look at alternatives to running.

    People always told me to “stay involved with running” by volunteering at parkruns and local races. I actually got involved with a totally different sport and helped to organise a local tennis tournament.

    Sorry for not really answering your question!

    Em xx

  2. What is it with ankles this summer?! I sprained mine half way round a parkrun at the beginning of June, and I’ve got several other friends who’ve done theirs too.
    Are you at the ‘big black lines of bruising’ stage yet? So pretty…
    That first week of doing nothing but resting it is so frustrating :/ I’m back to gentle running (up to 5k) on mine now, with the help of lots of k-tape

  3. Oh no that is so frustrating. But then there will always be another race and the time will pass.
    Maybe as others have suggested staying in touch by volunteering at junior parkrun or something would help, as you would still get the community feel of that sort of running?

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