London Marathon 2015 – 3 days to go – the Fancy Dress Fundraiser

Despite the disappointment of not being able to run Brighton this year, Jimmy and I went down for the day anyway to do some cheering and look out specifically for Alma and Liz – well done ladies! Despite the pain in my foot, I felt sad at not being able to run, but I knew it was for the best if I wanted to attempt London.

It was whilst we were in Brighton watching that I had an idea for London.

I’d run in costume!

For me, it made perfect sense. My training all went wrong and then I got injured, so I’m now looking to simply complete the race, rather than aim for a time. As I won my spot, I can’t defer it. With the ballot being open for nearly a week for the 2016 race onwards, who knows how long it could be before I get to take part? I spoke to my physio and she said I could get round, as long as I accepted that run/walk might be the best approach.

So knowing that I can’t defer, knowing that I’m not going to do very well, I decided to have some fun and enjoy the day as much as I can.

If you follow me on Twitter, you might already know what I’m going to be.

If you don’t, here are a few teasers….any ideas?



Thank you SO much to everyone who has sponsored me. I will be doing a second marathon later on in the year to fulfil the “double marathon” end of the deal, but I just couldn’t run Brighton with my foot the way it was. For anyone interested, I am raising funds for HFT (adults with learning difficulties) and the PANDAS Foundation (pre and post-natal depression).

You can sponsor me here.

You can read about my raffle to win a bowling shirt, kindly donated by Rift.

Betting more your thing? Why not try to guess my marathon time? Closest answer wins the prize pot and money also goes to the charities.

Alternatively, many of us have been touched by cancer. To support Macmillan Cancer Support instead, text TWEE49 followed by the amount (eg £3) to 70070.

Thank you!

4 thoughts on “London Marathon 2015 – 3 days to go – the Fancy Dress Fundraiser

  1. Wow. I do not have the dedication to do something like this. Plus it sounds terrifying. It’s always nice to see someone so passionate about it and I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully.

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