London Marathon 2016 – A Letter to Participants

Dear London Marathon 2016 Participants,

I didn’t take part this year. I wasn’t fortunate enough to get through the ballot. But I was lucky enough to take part in 2015, after winning a Twitter competition. I was injured and ran badly, but it was London and the London Marathon is awesome.

Every single one of you today was awesome. The London Marathon never fails to inspire and motivate. From the elite runners chasing the win, runners chasing Olympic dreams, runners chasing personal bests, runners raising for charities, runners doing it because they can, the runners taking part in memory of loved ones.

To the runners who ran a personal best today – congratulations!

To the runners in costume – you’re fabulous!

To the runners raising for charity – thank you for your incredible efforts.

To the runners who found it tough today – you didn’t give up.

To the runners who for whatever reason didn’t finish today – it’s ok. Making the start line is an achievement. There will be another marathon. Be proud.

To the volunteers who gave up their time – thank you. The race wouldn’t be where it is without you.

To the supporters – I know from experience that you are unsung heroes, you get people round that course.

Everyone who took part today one way or another – you’re all amazing.

Love and congratulations,

Me. x



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