Luton Marathon Withdrawal, Running Injury and Feeling Fat!

Most of my posts have been about product reviews and competitions recently, so I thought I’d give you all an update into my world.

An Autumn / Winter marathon is no longer on the agenda for me to run this year. I am really disappointed about it, but the fact is that I should be able to comfortably be running at least 10 miles now. The truth is, I’m currently only able to handle a slow 4-5 miles and then I’m barely able to walk the next day. I can only describe the pain as feeling like someone is sticking a thick needle into my inner ankle. It feels almost like shin splints. It’s not too bad when I’m actually running, but it’s the pain that follows for the next few days that is the problem. So sorry Luton, I’m not coming for you this year after all.

It’s typical that I’m also in love with running at the moment and I’m feeling twitchy about not being able to do what I want. I’m also feeling fat and this may or may not be related to the fact that on Friday, I ate greasy noodles and went to the pub, on Saturday I ate a huge burger and went to the pub and on Sunday I ate a huge Mexican and drank cocktails. Needless to say, my body is currently screaming for plenty of fresh fruit and veggies and water and I’m itching to run!

I clearly need to find another way of keeping fit, but I don’t want to pay for gym membership (and I hate those perfectly toned and honed women who effortlessly run without breaking a sweat on the treadmill without so much of a mascara smudge; they make this slightly lumpy sweaty girl feel insecure), chlorine makes me feel sick so swimming is out and I don’t own a bike. And I can’t afford to buy one at the moment. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m tempted to take up salsa lessons again.

This is a slightly morose blog. I’m off to eat grapes.

2 thoughts on “Luton Marathon Withdrawal, Running Injury and Feeling Fat!

  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear you won’t get to experience m superior cheering chants! Does walking hurt? I’m sure I read somewhere that a brisk walk can be just as beneficial as long as you cover the mileage. Some gyms will do 14 or 30day free trials so you can see I it’s right for you – might be worth looking into. Or try a spinning class they burn a lot of calories too. Hope it gets better soon. Take care Helen x

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