May Issue of Om Yoga Magazine

The June issue of Om Yoga Magazine is now out, so it’s about time I offer a quick recap of the May issue! Once again there are some interesting articles, Yoga for Athletes being one, and I was once again pleased to see a variety of exercises for all abilities.

However, if you’ve been following me on Twitter recently, you’ll know that now I’m feeling better, I’m back in the kitchen cooking and baking. Much as I love baking cakes, it probably isn’t a good idea to eat too many of them so I was happy to see an article about “Superfood Muffins” complete with recipes. For anyone thinking that these sound revolting, you really need to see the pictures to understand my excitement. I’ve baked with vegetables in cakes before and enjoyed the results so I think I’ll definitely be giving the spinach muffins a go. As they look so appealing, decorated cupcake style, they are probably also a good way of sneaking some extra vegetables into kids.

Check back for a quick update on the June issue at some point soon (when Rose allows me to read it).

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