Nakd Bars Review

Nakd BarsHands up, who likes Nakd Bars?

You can probably tell from the attached picture that I do, so I was delighted to receive a box containing a selection of different flavours from Natural Balance Foods.

Gluten free and suitable for vegans, Nakd Bars are natural bars of raw fruit and nuts pressed together. All natural, the various flavours come from the natural flavourings of the ingredients. I’ve been a fan of these for a long time and although nothing is a true substitute for a healthy breakfast, I do tend to keep one in my handbag for those days when I just haven’t been able to eat properly in the morning, something which is sadly becoming more frequent with the arrival of a small person! I also find them a great snack for after a run, or as they count as one of your “five a day”, they’re also a great lunch box addition!

I have to confess to loving chocolate, so the fact that they offer a great selection of cocoa bars is a thing of great happiness to me. Cocoa Mint has always been one of my favourites, a healthier alternative to After 8s, but the Caffe Mocha with a rich taste of coffee tastes especially decadent.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any left (I didn’t eat them all myself, honest), so I’m going to have to buy some more. Caffe Mocha and Ginger Bread feature high on my shopping list…

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