New Covent Garden Soup

On Thursday, Jog Blog also of Planet Veggie fame and I were lucky enough to go to a soup tasting of New Covent Garden Soup.We were pretty hungry which turned out to be a good thing as we were spoilt for choice, being offered samples of the soups from the Great British Recipes range.

First up was Vintage Cheddar & Piccalilli. I’d seen this one on the website and was probably a little bit too excited about trying it. It didn’t disappoint; it was rich and comforting and delicious with the piccalilli giving it a warming kick without being overpowering. It reminded me of a ploughman and although I’m not sure it’s necessarily the best soup for summer, it would be the perfect comfort food during winter with some lovely crusty bread.

I next sampled the quite frankly delicious Parsnip, Apple & Elderflower concoction. I was offered the choice of having it warm or cold and despite being someone who is ever-so-slightly suspicious of the idea of cold soup (cold tomato soup reminds me of V8 juice which is just gross), as it was such a hot day and the apple made it sound refreshing, I decided to try it cold. This soup was absolutely beautiful; as a cold soup it was like a delicious vegetable smoothie and I imagine when it’s warm, the full sweet but earthy flavours of the parsnip will really shine. The tang of the apples really complemented the parsnip and the aftertaste was sweet and refreshing. For me, this was the real star of the show.

Other flavours on offer were Beetroot & Horseradish, a fiery mixture and aesthetically very pretty, and Garden Pea, Rocket & Lovage. I didn’t try this one and regret it now as it received rave reviews from Jog Blog, but no doubt it will be finding it’s way into my shopping basket soon along with a fix of Parsnip, Apple & Elderflower!

New Covent Garden Soups are absolutely delicious and can be found in the chilled aisle of any major supermarket. They’re packed full of flavour, pretty low in calories and free of additives, preservatives, colourings and flavouring make them a good option for a tasty and healthy lunch. Just make sure you try the Parsnip, Apple & Elderflower. Oh, did I already mention that?

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