New Year’s Life Update

First of all, a Happy New Year to everyone!

I have been quiet on the blogging front recently. I have a list of things that I want to write about, but recently life just keeps getting in the way. I am not really one for making New Year’s Resolutions (kudos if you are) as I believe that a resolution can and should be made at any time. That all being said, one of my main goals for the upcoming months is to get my blog back on track. Write more, read more, tidy it all up…but for now, let’s take a little look back over the last year.


Newly coloured hair in vintage style



Ugh. What a disaster. The year started out well. I was enjoying running. I aimed to get my 5k time back under 30 minutes by the end of the summer and I think that it was possible. I ran 31.17 in mid June at Sherwood Pines parkrun, which is a mixture of trail, with a sharp hill. At this point, I was confident that I could get back under 30 by the end of summer. I entered the Tallinn Marathon and looked forward to running my first race abroad. As training went on, I did consider dropping down to the half marathon and giving myself another few months before attempting another marathon, alas fate played a part and when I was running with a friend at the end of July, I went over on my ankle and ended up spending the evening in A&E. Unfortunately, recovery hasn’t gone brilliantly and while it is better than it was, there is still some swelling and pain.

Shit happens.

I’m not booked into doing any races yet this year, although I will be going to Warsaw with a friend and I’ll cheering her round the half marathon there. My current running goal is simply to complete one of the Warsaw parkruns when we’re out there, to give myself my first international parkrun. I’m building up strength again in my ankle, so hopefully this will be doable. I’m also looking forward to building up my fitness again, which I definitely lost while sitting around feeling sorry for myself.


Hot and sweaty with medal after Notfast 10k
Hot and sweaty with medal after Notfast 10k



I’ve had a bit of wanderlust over the last couple of years. However when you’re a married mother with a million commitments, it isn’t easy to just jet off and go. However, I did get to go hiking in the Alps as a guest of Quechua and Decathlon. Sallanches is a stunning part of the world and I’d love to go back. I also spent a couple of hours in Geneva, just walking around the city on my own and enjoying a beer in the sunshine. Then later on in the year, despite not running the marathon, I had a fantastic trip to Tallinn in Estonia. I sampled many cinnamon buns, fell in love with the city, became a regular in the local bakery for the four days we spent there, and enjoyed a great day trip to Helsinki. Now I want to visit Lithuania to tick off all the Baltic countries!

This year, I have a trip booked to Minsk in Belarus for a couple of days, followed by a couple of days in Warsaw, Poland. I am so excited as I have always wanted to visit Poland, and Minsk looks like a fascinating city. I’ll be in Poland on the day we exit the EU, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens.


Hiking in the Alps
Hiking in the Alps



Yes, you read that correctly! A local by-election was called where I live and I found myself standing as one of the candidates, which is a scary thing to do. I didn’t win, but I did pick up 17% of the vote which is a decent result. I also gave my first speech at a political conference. I’m not going to elaborate too much on that here, but never be afraid to make your voice heard.

Tenpin bowling

Honestly, I could cry. I love bowling and it was great to be getting back into it. I took part in a short summer league after time out and after a ropy first week, I averaged 183 for the 6 week season. This was with old bowling equipment that no longer fitted. My spare game was strong and I was so excited to work with a coach to get back to form. A big goal was set for summer 2019. We spent a small fortune on buying some new bowling equipment and changing my fit on my existing gear. And then just days after that, I busted my ankle. Typical.

On the plus side, it was great to be awarded the British Tenpin Bowling Association’s Official of the Year!


So that’s my recap on last year. Ups and downs and I am proud to have done a couple of scary things! For this month, I am going to focus on recovering strength in my ankle and also building up my core strength. As a starting point, I have just done a plank which I held for 1 minute and two seconds. I used to be able to hold it for over two.

Tell me something you did last year to make you feel proud…

9 thoughts on “New Year’s Life Update

  1. Wishing the best for you in all you do this year! Hopefully you’ll be able to do a Warsaw Parkrun and your ankle feels okay, it must be so frustrating. I managed my first ever 10k last year so hoping to do a half marathon in 2019 – fingers crossed! x

  2. There’s quite a few things I’m proud of but my main one (or technically two) is getting a sub hour 10km and an under 30 mins 5km

    Good luck with Warsaw and hopefully we’ll meet up soon ❤️

  3. Injuries are so disappointing (and costly!) 2019 needs to be the year that I lose weight and get fit as I spent 2018 putting on weight and becoming unfit :-( However, I’m proud that I managed to keep my toddler alive (even if I wanted to kill her at times!)

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