On operating two Personal Best systems

You’ll have noticed a lot of talk  about “post pregnancy PBs” on this blog recently. That’s because I’m currently operating on two different systems – my actual PB and my post pregnancy PB.

Having babies it turns out puts quite a strain on your body. It also turns out that most of us are not like Victoria Beckham and take a while to lose baby weight after. This really is ok and there shouldn’t be pressure on anyone to lose it quickly. However, battering your body over a long period has quite an impact on running. Unless you’re Jo Pavey and just bloody amazing, of course. I’m a mere mortal and a lazy one at that, so it’s pretty tough.

I’m also a competitive person and my own worst enemy. I’m not a brilliant runner and I never will be, so I don’t “compete” against others. But I do compete against myself so I kept beating myself up over my times being slower than before. Then I gave myself a talking to (so did Cathy and it was exactly what I needed – thank you) and was chuffed to bits when I ran a sub 34 minute 5k in October. Then I started comparing it to my PB, which is just silly. Then I realised that I should be pleased as it was by far the fastest 5k I’d done since having Rose. Thus, the post pregnancy PB was born.

My first 10k since having Rose was 1:22:something in July. My first 5k was 37:51 in June. Now I have got the 10k down to 1:06:34 and the 5k down to 31:26.

I’m really proud of myself and one day, maybe I’ll even beat my old PBs.

But for now, here’s to PPPB breaking!

I’m also fundraising for the PANDAS fundraising who offer support for people suffering with pre and post natal depression. I’ll be running 2 marathons in a 2 week period. This time last year,  I was worried about walking without the aid of crutches again. If you would like to sponsor, my page is here and it would mean a lot. Thank you.

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