Tips for staying safe when running in winter at night

Where has the year gone? It feels like it was only a couple of weeks back that it was baking hot and I was plodding my way around my loops at Spitfire Scramble. Now we’re about to start the final month of the year. As it’s getting dark earlier and earlier, I thought it was a good idea to share my tips for staying safe when running in winter. It should be common sense really, but sadly we seem to live in a world where common sense has deserted many of us. I was inspired… View Post

Why it’s important to cool down after any type of workout

Post in collaboration with HCA You will already know how important a proper warm up is for your exercise routine. It raises your heart rate slowly, minimising stress, and also ensures that you warm up your muscles for maximum suppleness and efficiency. Slow and gentle will help you win any race, and as your fitness is a lifetime aim and goal, it’s better to pay close attention to ways that will allow you to do it with minimum strain and preferably no injury. Think of your body as being like a machine – you wouldn’t… View Post

Don’t compare your running times

Don’t compare your running times. Comparing yourself to other people can be a dangerous thing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s motivating and inspiring when other people do well. Sometimes it can give us a boot up the backside, and this is great when goals are achievable. But it can also be dangerous, especially when we start obsessing. I like running because it is so personal. A slow time for one runner may be a personal best to another runner, and a long-term target for another runner. And that’s ok, we’re all at different levels and… View Post

The real life of a fitness blogger

In this crazy world of a fitness blogger, of social influencers, of Instagram, of everything, it’s sometimes really easy to forget that this is real life. But is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? As I’ve talked about before, I sometimes feel like a fraud in the fitness blogger world. I can’t do chin ups. I eat cake. I wear a size 14 and I haven’t rub a sub hour 10k for 5 years. I can’t do a chin up. I hate yoga. I am a terrible fitness blogger. Although, I can do… View Post

Decathlon Running Series Belfast

  I love Decathlon. I was introduced to the store a few years ago and have purchased much of my running kit from there since. They offer one of the biggest selections of sports equipment I’ve ever seen, great quality at very reasonable prices. One of their unique selling points is the sheer number of sports they cater for, it isn’t just the mainstream. They stock equipment for about 70 different sports, from the more mainstream running and football, to archery and rock climbing. Simply put, if you want to get started in a new… View Post