What to do on rest day

Post in collaboration with HCA One of the most important aspects of any exercise plan is your rest day. It might seem strange that the thing that will help you to achieve the best results in the long run is not to train at all, but allowing both your muscles and your brain time off is very important indeed.     You’ll already know just how low you can feel after a bad night’s sleep; you’re reliant on coffee or sugary snacks to keep going, and your concentration skills are close to zero. The same… View Post

3ness fitness, party, and pamper weekend

I was really lucky recently and was invited to attend a fitness weekend with 3ness. 3ness is a fitness events management company and they specialise in fitness weekends and holidays.     I’ve been wanting to attend a fitness break for a long time but have often felt a bit intimidated when looking at websites. What if I hate the food provided and get so hungry that I need to sneak out at night and hike to a Tesco Express for Kit Kats? What if I’m the only one who can’t do a push up?… View Post

How diet can aid recovery

Post in collaboration with HCA. If you generally pay attention to eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise, you will already be aware how much even a few days of over-indulgence can impact on how you feel.  Worse still, that sluggish feeling can set off a cycle of just not feeling like getting back on track. If you are recovering from illness or surgery, it can be even more difficult to stay away from unhealthy snacks. However, what you eat not only has a significant impact on how quickly your wound heals, but… View Post

The problem with #SWOTY

Have you heard of The Sunday Times Sportswoman Of The Year Awards (SWOTY)? You can find more information here. Actually, to be quite honest, you can’t. It’s a flawed process and one of the many flaws is the lack of contact information. I don’t want to get into the debate as to whether or not women’s only awards should exist. But for those who are unaware of SWOTY, it’s the women’s only version of Sports Personality Of The Year. There are several different categories that women can be nominated in including Community, Lifetime Achievement, Young… View Post

Running unfit after time out

In case you weren’t already aware, I’ve been ill. Oh. You mean, I haven’t shut up about it? Well, now I’m running unfit. You know what it’s like. We all make a fuss about long runs, or having to go out for a run when it’s raining and we make excuses and we huff and flounce and eventually go out. Of course, it’s always enjoyable once we go out and we feel amazing afterwards, but the fact remains that going out is the hard bit. Of course, I’m Little Miss Contrary. I make a fuss… View Post