How to best use a memory foam mattress

Sometime ago, Ergoflex provided me with a fantastic memory foam mattress to help me improve my sleep and in turn, aid my half marathon training. It’s a well-known fact that a good quality of sleep is essentially for rest, recovery and increased performance, so it’s been interesting to compare a memory foam mattress to a standard spring one. As you know, I was initially very impressed with the Ergoflex mattress. I love the way it moulds to my body and the firmness it offers. However, did you know that when taking the plunge into buying… View Post

Champneys Springs Bootcamp With Lights By Tena

Have you ever had an #oooopsmoment? There’s no shame in admitting you have. Almost 50% of women have experienced light bladder weakness in their lives. It becomes increasingly common as we get older or after childbirth. Exercise, sneezing and laughing are all things that can lead to a tiny #ooopsmoment. I’m fortunate as this isn’t a problem that I suffer from. However, it’s quite a taboo subject and a reasonably common problem for women when running, so when Lights By Tena invited me along to a Champneys Springs bootcamp, I went along to learn more… View Post

Active Travel: Kayaking in Guernsey

A few weeks ago, I had a brilliant few days in Guernsey with my friend Jo. As well as racking up my 50th parkrun, we had an action packed few days including a brilliant kayaking session with Outdoor Guernsey. At £37.50 each for 2 hours, it wasn’t cheap, but we had a great morning. The health benefits of kayaking are numerous, including improved cardiovascular fitness, increased muscle strength and engaging your core. I knew what a workout it can be and was expecting to ache a lot the following day – when we went kayaking… View Post

Don’t run when you’re ill

Some of my observant readers may have noticed that it’s been quiet around here recently. Rest assured, I have a LOT of blog posts to ramble on about, but the reason for my silence is that I’ve been poorly. And it’s not a good idea to run when you’re sick. Simply put, don’t run when you’re ill. I’ve been properly poorly. Not just a runny nose, or generally feeling run down. Nope – on Tuesday I started vomiting. And vomiting. And vomiting. In fact, 10 hours later, I was still throwing up and had to… View Post

Learning to swim properly

I used to swim in school. I even managed to successfully splash my way through the swimming and lifesaving module of my PE GCSE. Not that I was especially good, but I was good enough, despite never learning to swim properly. But, like many people, I haven’t really done much swimming since school. Yes, I can swim, but my technique is really awful and I get tired really quickly. Plus the fear of drowning seems like much more of a problem than it did when I was 13 and invincible. Anyway, to take a splash… View Post