Marathon Motivation

Now we’re into November, most people undertaking a spring marathon will be starting to think about their training. I think it’s fair to say that the hardest bit of doing a marathon is the training and I know when I signed up to do Brighton in 2011, most people thought I wouldn’t do it. I think they were forgetting that I can be really stubborn when I want to be and I took great satisfaction in proving them wrong. Whether you have a supportive bunch of friends surrounding you or not, it’s important to stay… View Post

Bowling for Fitness

With the weekends being for free writing under the terms of NaBloPoMo and with there currently being a lot of excitement in the world of tenpin bowling, it makes sense to sing the praises of my great love, tenpin bowling. But this tries to be a fitness blog! Bowling doesn’t keep you fit! It’s a game for fat people with beer bellies! Really? I suggest you watch the following: Most of these bowlers will be throwing 15lb bowling balls. Some will be using 16lb. I use a 15lb myself. Most of these bowlers will work… View Post

Fitness Spending – NaBloPoMo Day 1

Whilst I enjoy blogging, I sometimes lack inspiration. Many of you will have probably heard of the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) but have you heard of the NaBloPoMo? The idea is simple, blog every day in November. Much like the fabled ‘Athons in fact, except you don’t have to exercise every day. NaBloPoMo also provides you with prompts to help you blog. I have decided to take part this November, using the prompts, but with the added challenge of attempting to make posts health and fitness related. We’ll see how we get on. Primarily,… View Post

Pregnancy Fitness

When I found out that I was pregnant, I had wonderful aspirations with regards to keeping fit. I was going to keep running as long as possible, I was going to go swimming and I was going to find some pregnancy pilates classes to join. In short, any weight gain was going to be purely baby and I was going to be a supermum-to-be. So what actually happened? I did a couple of slow 5ks in personal worsts. No problem with that, as the idea was to simply do them and to hell with the… View Post

Facebook “Activists” and Breast Cancer Awareness Facebook Updates

We’re now over halfway through Breast Cancer Awareness month, and once again Facebook is full of cryptic and attention seeking status updates: I like it on the dresser. Blue. I’m 14 weeks and craving skittles. I am going to France for 6 months. Know what it is yet? Yes, these cryptic statuses posted by fellow women are apparently somehow raising awareness of breast cancer. I wasn’t going to blog about it as this lady wrote a great post on the subject, but this morning I am feeling the need to throw my tuppence worth out… View Post