Juneathon Day 15: A Run and a Guest Post

I had a really positive run today and I’m feeling much better about myself. It was just a short run of 1.5 miles in my Zaggora Hotpants but my foot didn’t hurt and I managed it in 13.28. This is by no means a personal best, but it was windy, it included a hill and I felt completely fine at the end of it. I’m feeling more positive now that in a couple of weeks, I may feel confident enough to get back to my local Park Run. I’m forgoing my daily limerick today, not… View Post

Juneathon Day 14: Feeling good

I went to my second pilates class today. Once again, I really enjoyed it and this is certainly going to be a weekly occurrence now. It’s relaxing, yet you can feel your muscles getting a great workout and the time flies by really quickly. I had a bit of a nasty shock on my way in though. I took advantage of the scales and was shocked to learn that of the stone and a half that I lost last year through marathon training, I’ve put 12lbs back on again. I’m not going to say that… View Post

Juneathon Day 13

I’m still technically within the rules, but I’m not doing very well. Once again, a token effort, a mile walk. Hardcore indeed. Today will be a better day. The sun is shining, it’s beautiful out and I’m shortly going to go to Pilates. I should probably stop this post now or I will be doing a pre-emptive blog (is that allowed?). The girl was feeling very lazy Deciding that the rules are hazy Her thighs are so fat She must work on that Juneathon is indeed for the crazy. Needless to say, the limerick mojo… View Post

Juneathon Day 12: Insert generic title here

I’ve reached the point in Juneathon where blogging has become difficult as I have run out of things to say. Day 12 was also a poor effort and I’m claiming a mile walk as my effort. Hardcore. I did run across the road, but it made my pulled muscle hurt. I’ll see how it feels later. I’m running out of blogging steam A common problem, it would seem Blogging is so hard Like ridding self of lard What on earth can it all mean?

Juneathon Day 11: A pain in the arse!

By pain in the arse, I mean, quite literally, a pain in the arse. No doubt you’ve all cursed the weather today in much the same way as me. However, Juneathon called, Jimmy nagged and out for a run I went. It started off fairly well in that my foot felt good enough for me to push to two miles. However, a mile in, I felt a sharp, stabbing pain at the top of my left leg. I pushed on through it, but the pain got worse and I called it quits at 1.7 miles,… View Post