My good intentions of Janathon

I had several good intentions for Janathon. I was going to read more of the blogs and discover some new ones I was going to exercise and blog every day, which is of course the whole point I was going to run at least three times a week I was going to use it to work towards the Sidcup 10 in March I was going to lose that half stone I don’t want. How have I done? A big, all round, FAIL. Tomorrow, I shall repent my sins and go for a run. I might… View Post

Cleaning Gift Vouchers Review

I went out for Janathon Day 2 yesterday as is the rules, and in indulged in a fairly lazy and boring 1.2 mile run. I counted 8 pairs of Ugg boots on my run. I then arrived back to a messy house – the after effect of having some friends over on New Year’s Eve and it made me long for a cleaner. Yes, a cleaner. I was very lucky and recently had the opportunity to receive a free house clean from Cleaning Gift Vouchers. Being a busy person who detests cleaning, I jumped at… View Post

Janathon Begins

Regular readers will know the drill, but for the unaware, Janathon is a fitness challenge devised by Jog Blog. It’s very simple – exercise every day in January, log it and blog about it. It’s harder than it sounds. Alas, I signed up fashionably late and almost failed on the first day. Here is a picture of my effort: This is me running about 250 metres home from the cafe. I did do it on the way there, but then Cathy said there had to be evidence, so I did it again. Purple dresses and… View Post

Cancer Research “Dryathlon” and why I won’t be taking part

Have you heard of the Cancer Research Dryathlon? Simply put, this is it: No alcohol. For January. For Cancer Research UK. They claim this to be the nation’s first “Dryathlon.” Really? This seems to me like another word for a detox. I’m pretty sure that thousands of people nationwide have been doing this, especially in January, for years. I have a few bones to pick about what I consider a pretty pathetic excuse for a fundraiser. Before I go on, let me just make a few things clear as I am well aware that this… View Post

Guaranteed London Marathon Places – Run for Backcare!

I don’t often promote specific charities, but I’ve made an exception this time. I received an email from Backcare and they are looking for runners to join their team, raising money to commission scientific research into back pain. I have suffered from chronic back pain for the last 13 years, so I know just how painful and miserable it can be and research into this can only be a good thing. They’re also ethical and responded to my inquiry about animal testing promptly with the following answer: ‘I can confirm that we do not fund,… View Post