A marathon loss of confidence

It’s been a few days since my last blog and it is needless to say that I once again failed Juneathon, but who am I to go against tradition, eh? Well done to those of you who completed; I love the idea of successfully completing, but when it comes right down to it, I’m just not motivated enough to exercise and blog every single day. One day I will succeed. In other news, it’s time to begin training for the Luton Marathon. Carla and Jimmy are also doing this race in November and although I… View Post

Zaggora Hotpants Winners!

I’m sorry that this is so late. I was going to announce it last Saturday but I was busy all day. Part of being busy included getting my hair done. Then I went out to a dinner dance and didn’t get back until 2.00am. So I went to bed. And then on Sunday I went out to play with Jog Blog and Travelling Hopefully and we went to pubs. Monday I was tired, Tuesay I was tired and Wednesday my laptop died. Enough excuses. Before I announce the winners, I promised I’d give a two… View Post

Juneathon Day 16: Running out of steam

My blog about day 16 is within the required 24 hours, however I have nothing of great interest to say. Jimmy took himself off to Park Run and I stayed in bed. I thought about joining him, but I don’t want to run a 30 minute time due to recovering from injury, I’d rather wait until I’m strong enough to try to get closer to my 25 minute 5k target. I haven’t got too much time to shave off my 5k PB, but I know at the moment, I’m just not strong enough. Jimmy however… View Post

Juneathon Day 15: A Run and a Guest Post

I had a really positive run today and I’m feeling much better about myself. It was just a short run of 1.5 miles in my Zaggora Hotpants but my foot didn’t hurt and I managed it in 13.28. This is by no means a personal best, but it was windy, it included a hill and I felt completely fine at the end of it. I’m feeling more positive now that in a couple of weeks, I may feel confident enough to get back to my local Park Run. I’m forgoing my daily limerick today, not… View Post

Juneathon Day 14: Feeling good

I went to my second pilates class today. Once again, I really enjoyed it and this is certainly going to be a weekly occurrence now. It’s relaxing, yet you can feel your muscles getting a great workout and the time flies by really quickly. I had a bit of a nasty shock on my way in though. I took advantage of the scales and was shocked to learn that of the stone and a half that I lost last year through marathon training, I’ve put 12lbs back on again. I’m not going to say that… View Post