A week in statistics

And so, the first week of Juneathon draws to an end. My mileage has been nowhere near as impressive as many (I only clocked up enough today to make double figures), but I have enjoyed being active and the fact that my ankle so far remains pain free is very good news. Tomorrow I am going to go to my local Park Run where I will no doubt run my all time personal worst, but I am looking forward to it anyway. It’s been a good week. I met up with Jog Blog on day… View Post

What to eat after a run

I was asked on Twitter the other day what I eat after a run. I’m not a particularly good runner nor am I a nutritionist, but I am interested in food so I thought I would share my choice of post-run breakfast. For all my moaning, I do prefer to run in the morning for a few reasons; 1, it’s over and done with; 2, I feel good (and smug) for the rest of the day; 3, all the walking around during the day stretches out my legs. This means that I tend to eat… View Post

Running before breakfast…attack of the ducks!

I’m not an early riser. I like to stay in bed as long as I can. This is why I’m an excellent boss to myself; I don’t start work until 11.00ish, so that I can lie in. However, I did wake up before 7 today. Curses. I quite fancied going back to sleep but then boyfriend brought a coffee in to me. This may have been a nice thing to do, but reading between the lines, he was quite clearly saying “get up”. Then I started messing about on Twitter and was told to go… View Post

I ran for ice cream (Juneathon day 3)

It’s a beautiful day today and it would seem that summer is finally upon us. Going for a run is much easier when the evening is light and warm, however actually getting my foot out of the door remains to be the hard thing. I was working with a client today and then went into a school to do some debate training with the kids. On the way back to the tube, I was insanely jealous of all the small people with their ice lollies. This then reminded me of a text from my friend… View Post