Competition Time – Keep Fit with Andrew Washlets!

HelsBels has teamed up with Andrex® Washlets, a pre-moistened flushable toilet tissue wipe, to help you feel fresh, energised and prepared for any occasion this January. As well as a hairbrush and shower gel, Andrex® Washlets are an essential for any gym, helping you to feel fresh and energised before and after you work up a sweat. Andrex® Washlets is working with TV presenter, documentary maker and writer Dawn O’Porter, on the Clean Campaign that aims to inspire people up and down the country to try Andrex® Washlets and incorporate them into their daily bathroom… View Post

Clothes Shopping for Spring

I’m doing it again. I’m shopping and spending money. Those of you who know me, know just how much I love clothes and whilst most of my stuff is sourced on eBay, vintage stalls or quirky independent boutique labels, I’m not above the odd high street buy as this is where you can buy some good basics and fun accessories at cheap prices. Spring is also a great time for the high street when you can stock up on little tea and skater dresses which can be worn with leggings when cold and then barelegged… View Post

How Not to be a Fitness Blogger

In recent times, I have been a terrible blogger. This is mostly for the following reasons: I haven’t been blogging much. About anything. I failed epically at Janathon. I haven’t been exercising much. I have been drinking a bit too much. I have been working ridiculous seven day weeks. These reasons may or may not also be the reason why I’m weighing about 10lb more than I should be at the moment. That and the fact that I just ate a Chocolate Fudge Kit Kat Chunky. Not as good as Peanut Butter, but delicious anyway.… View Post

is this a blog? i did a bar press up in cMden.

Day 23 – dedicated to Jog Blog

This is a blog. Honest. It’s dedicated to Jog Blog. And Knitting Penguin because although they nag about not doing Janathon, I love them both very much. So today, I did a single chin-up. Sort of. And it hurt and I nearly ripped my shoulders out of their sockets in trying to do so because I am getting fat. Probably because I am not doing Janathon properly.