Cleaning Gift Vouchers Review

I went out for Janathon Day 2 yesterday as is the rules, and in indulged in a fairly lazy and boring 1.2 mile run. I counted 8 pairs of Ugg boots on my run. I then arrived back to a messy house – the after effect of having some friends over on New Year’s Eve and it made me long for a cleaner. Yes, a cleaner. I was very lucky and recently had the opportunity to receive a free house clean from Cleaning Gift Vouchers. Being a busy person who detests cleaning, I jumped at… View Post

Janathon Begins

Regular readers will know the drill, but for the unaware, Janathon is a fitness challenge devised by Jog Blog. It’s very simple – exercise every day in January, log it and blog about it. It’s harder than it sounds. Alas, I signed up fashionably late and almost failed on the first day. Here is a picture of my effort: This is me running about 250 metres home from the cafe. I did do it on the way there, but then Cathy said there had to be evidence, so I did it again. Purple dresses and… View Post

Cancer Research “Dryathlon” and why I won’t be taking part

Have you heard of the Cancer Research Dryathlon? Simply put, this is it: No alcohol. For January. For Cancer Research UK. They claim this to be the nation’s first “Dryathlon.” Really? This seems to me like another word for a detox. I’m pretty sure that thousands of people nationwide have been doing this, especially in January, for years. I have a few bones to pick about what I consider a pretty pathetic excuse for a fundraiser. Before I go on, let me just make a few things clear as I am well aware that this… View Post

Guaranteed London Marathon Places – Run for Backcare!

I don’t often promote specific charities, but I’ve made an exception this time. I received an email from Backcare and they are looking for runners to join their team, raising money to commission scientific research into back pain. I have suffered from chronic back pain for the last 13 years, so I know just how painful and miserable it can be and research into this can only be a good thing. They’re also ethical and responded to my inquiry about animal testing promptly with the following answer: ‘I can confirm that we do not fund,… View Post

Get real results with a personal trainer!

Sponsored Post So you want to get fit, lose weight and look good? Who doesn’t? Lots of people are really good at this. They get up, go to the gym, do their daily yoga/ pilates/ yogalates and, whilst working up a sweat, they also manage to stick to a ridiculously difficult ‘diet’. It makes you want to eat a double cheese burger just thinking about it! Not everyone is good at sticking to a hardcore regime, however, and, in order for them to get the most out of working out, they need someone to stand… View Post