Day 23 – dedicated to Jog Blog

This is a blog. Honest. It’s dedicated to Jog Blog. And Knitting Penguin because although they nag about not doing Janathon, I love them both very much. So today, I did a single chin-up. Sort of. And it hurt and I nearly ripped my shoulders out of their sockets in trying to do so because I am getting fat. Probably because I am not doing Janathon properly.  

Janathon Bar Press Up

As I am a failure, when I went to the pub with Jog Blog on Thursday, she made me do a bar press up. Here it is: To make up for my Janathon fail, I have also been ordered to dressing down dash. I have four dressing gowns, so I shall let you vote: Lilac dressing gown with a sheep on it. This could be paired with sheep slippers Fleecey polka dot dressing gown Pale pink dressing gown with flowers Grey polka dot half dressing gown to be worn with hippo pyjamas. Do consider that… View Post

My good intentions of Janathon

I had several good intentions for Janathon. I was going to read more of the blogs and discover some new ones I was going to exercise and blog every day, which is of course the whole point I was going to run at least three times a week I was going to use it to work towards the Sidcup 10 in March I was going to lose that half stone I don’t want. How have I done? A big, all round, FAIL. Tomorrow, I shall repent my sins and go for a run. I might… View Post

Cleaning Gift Vouchers Review

I went out for Janathon Day 2 yesterday as is the rules, and in indulged in a fairly lazy and boring 1.2 mile run. I counted 8 pairs of Ugg boots on my run. I then arrived back to a messy house – the after effect of having some friends over on New Year’s Eve and it made me long for a cleaner. Yes, a cleaner. I was very lucky and recently had the opportunity to receive a free house clean from Cleaning Gift Vouchers. Being a busy person who detests cleaning, I jumped at… View Post

Janathon Begins

Regular readers will know the drill, but for the unaware, Janathon is a fitness challenge devised by Jog Blog. It’s very simple – exercise every day in January, log it and blog about it. It’s harder than it sounds. Alas, I signed up fashionably late and almost failed on the first day. Here is a picture of my effort: This is me running about 250 metres home from the cafe. I did do it on the way there, but then Cathy said there had to be evidence, so I did it again. Purple dresses and… View Post