Juneathon Day 9: A walk

Went to a birthday barbecue yesterday and on the way home, Jimmy suggested going to look at the water. Going to look at the water turned into a 4.5 mile walk along the Thames to Woolwich. It was a lovely walk on a lovely evening, but my shoes were not really made for walking as the blisters and flaps of loose skin have confirmed. We got home quite late, so I decided not to run and claim the walk instead. I will be running shortly for today’s effort. Check back then for details of an… View Post

Juneathon Day 8: Meh

My hangover yesterday actually turned out to be a bug of some description and I was quite poorly in the end. I knew it wasn’t a hangover, four bottles of bud never has me feeling like that. So anyway, today I did not want to run. Or do anything. I’m feeling a bit poorly, a bit sleep deprived and the weather is horrible. I only ran a mile because, well, I had to. Nothing special, but inside the 9 minute mile pace. Yay. I was going to announce my giveaway today but I’m too tired.… View Post

Juneathon Day 7: A bit of a hangover

Well, it had to happen eventually, didn’t it? We went to the pub last night because we had a £25 beer voucher about to expire so we thought we better use it. Actually, we exceeded it and had to pay the difference. Never mind. My legs are feeling like lead. It was raining and yucky outside. I was tired and hungover and moody. I did not want to run. But Juneathon says “bah” to hangovers and eventually I went outside. The rain was actually quite pleasant and my planned mile turned into 1.5 miles. Epic.… View Post

Juneathon Day 6: A sluggish run & the Hope Relay

Ugh. You know those days when you just don’t run to run? Today was one of them. I’m feeling sluggish, the weather is muggy and gross, I’m feeling a bit fat and I was promised a visit to the pub. Needless to say, I really didn’t want to run and set foot out of the door only because it is Juneathon. A single mile was reluctantly clocked up with Jimmy coming to keep me company before doing a proper run and the pace was awful. Meh. Tomorrow is another day. However, there was one positive… View Post

Juneathon Day 5: A Run

I’m feeling a bit “bleh” today so I apologise for the bland blog post. I woke up not feeling too well and so the last thing I wanted to do was go for a run. However, I pulled myself out of the front door and went for a gentle jog. I made the mistake of turning up a road I’d never been up before and it turned out to be over half a kilometre of uphill. This wouldn’t usually be an issue, but today it was. However, I persevered and made it to the top… View Post