New Covent Garden Soup

On Thursday, Jog Blog also of Planet Veggie fame and I were lucky enough to go to a soup tasting of New Covent Garden Soup.We were pretty hungry which turned out to be a good thing as we were spoilt for choice, being offered samples of the soups from the Great British Recipes range. First up was Vintage Cheddar & Piccalilli. I’d seen this one on the website and was probably a little bit too excited about trying it. It didn’t disappoint; it was rich and comforting and delicious with the piccalilli giving it a… View Post

An actual run

I went for a run today. That shouldn’t be unusual. Unfortunately, it is. I’ve been having some trouble with my feet recently, feeling a lot like some kind of tendon strain. Even when I walk, they just don’t feel right and I think a lot of it is to do with footwear. Anyway, I’m running a 5k next month with Jog Blog and Travelling Hopefully. Although only a little 5k, I really need to get my feet back feeling strong so I can actually do it. I know I’m not going to run a PB,… View Post

Olympic Torch Relay

Well, the Olympic Torch Relay set off today from Lands End, Cornwall. Now for some shameless self promotion – I am carrying it in Barking & Dagenham in July. I’m a bit nervous. It’s only a 300m stretch and obviously, I’ve run a marathon and so lots of people have seen me running before. But this is with the torch and I’m scared I’ll drop it in the Thames in front of lots of people. Now that would be embarrassing.

Afternoon Tea

On Friday, I planned to go for a run. Then I planned to go for afternoon tea with Jog Blog. The run didn’t happen. Afternoon tea did. So did beer. Yum. Anyway, I’d never been for afternoon tea before and so this was a new experience and I was probably a bit over-excited about it. Jog Blog found a deal on Living Social and said “oh look, what a wonderfully generous offer, shall we quench our thirst over tea and cakes with a delightful glass of champagne?” and I said in plummy terms “why yes… View Post

A Marathon Decision

Most of my readers will know that last year, I completed the Brighton Marathon. Despite the 26 degree heat, despite the sunburn, despite getting suncream, energy drinks and Vaseline in my hair, I enjoyed every single minute of it, despite arriving home slightly outside target. In April, I dragged myself out in a slightly hungover state to cheer my friend Dan around the London Marathon. And I got marathon envy. Real marathon envy. I wanted to jump over and join in and I wanted a medal. I am also someone who needs to have a… View Post