parkrun: the mission for 50 continues

I’m being very dedicated on my mission to reach 50 parkruns when I go to Guernsey in a few weeks time. I’m so dedicated, I’m now on 48, meaning I have to do just one more before I fly out there…

parkrun 46: Greenwich

The plan for parkrun 46 was to take it easy as I was taking part in the Havering Tri Aquathon the following day. It was also windy; when I arrived, a flag pole was lying on the ground, seemingly uprooted. A subdued 33:01 5k. I then caught up with Richey who I have followed on Twitter for a long time who was indulging in some parkrun tourism. A pleasant morning.



It’s not as dramatic as it looks. It was already on the ground.


parkrun 47: Bromley

Happy 7th birthday, Bromley parkrun! I paid my annual visit to Bromley, for their birthday run and to see my friend Jo, parkrunner and Race Director. The course is two and a bit flats and as is customary on the birthday run, was run in reverse. This gave Jo and I a giggle as we realised that I’ve never actually run the event properly. We had a lovely social run, taking it easy and chatting with another friend of Jo’s. Sometimes, it’s really good fun to run with friends and enjoy some chat. Time was 34:28.


Bromley parkrun

Bromley parkrun


parkrun 48: Greenwich

Last weekend was back to my home run of Greenwich. My pacing has been a little bit all over the place recently, so I decided to make a real effort to hit each km in 6:20 and to ignore the temptation to speed up on the downhill bits and to go slower on the uphill bits. For once, I actually got it spot in and finished in 31:49. I wasn’t in the mood to run when I got there as it was so hot, but I ended up really enjoying it and proving to myself that I can run even splits. Plus my day was made when Colin, a regular volunteer and Run Director told me that he’d read my aquathon blog and really related to my panic. Thank you Colin, you made me feel a lot better and it’s lovely to know that people read what I write!



Beautiful day at Greenwich parkrun


Interestingly enough, I should be on 49 parkruns, but I forgot my barcode one run a few years back. Moral of the story? #DFYB.


  1. September 7, 2016 / 10:15 am

    50 feels like such a milestone – it’s a great feeling and a great achievement. I remember completing my 50th and then waiting so long for my t-shirt that I’d nearly got to 100 when it arrived. I’m on 189 now, so I’d love to get to 250 by the end of next year… but with a baby due imminently, that may not happen!

  2. September 8, 2016 / 9:20 am

    You’re so, so close now! That T-shirt will soon be yours! I’ve really enjoyed pressure-free parkruns just lately and lots of parkrun tourism to keep things interesting. How frustrating that you forgot your barcode one time! I have a wristband with my barcode on now but before that I always used to keep a spare barcode in my car glove box in case of emergencies!
    Mary recently posted…36 weeks pregnantMy Profile

  3. September 8, 2016 / 9:01 pm

    I love parkrun. I’ve only done a few as 5k is not my distance of choice but fully support everything it stands for. Enjoy the 50 shirt and wear it with pride!! Love it…..
    Sophie recently posted…Nutella and banana cakeMy Profile

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