Post-Pregnancy 10k to Marathon Challenge

Remember back in 2010 when I set myself the challenge of running the marathon, I was a non-runner and I hadn’t even completed a 5k. Undeterred, I completed the Brighton Marathon in 2011.

Tired and trying to be enthusiastic.
Tired and trying to be enthusiastic.

Yesterday, I went out for my first run in 9 months. Look, there’s even a picture for proof! Admittedly, you’ll have to just take my word that I didn’t just dress up, but how many people would admit to just running half a mile? Exactly.

In my defence, I have spent a lot of time being pregnant, on crutches and recovering from a complicated birth. That half mile felt harder than running a marathon. I was slow, my legs felt like lead and I felt knackered afterwards. It was also a bit boring, running around the cul-de-sac where I live. I ran past the same neighbour three times. I think he thought I was weird. Then the guide dog downstairs jumped up at me and in my wobbly-kneed state, I nearly fell over. He’s a beautiful labrador, but it does often occur to me that guide dogs probably shouldn’t jump up at every human they encounter.

Negatives and dog encounters aside, it was lovely to be out again. Fresh air, being outside and actually moving did a lot to lift my spirits and I’m looking forward to having another go on Monday. Mostly because I have another pair of brightly coloured tights to trial.

Regular readers of this blog will knock that thanks to New Balance, I have a place in the London British 10k in July. I also have a place in the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October, thanks to a lucky ballot drawer, and I also have a deferred place in the Brighton Marathon for next April. I have been thinking about fundraising and have decided to make these three races my overall challenge – “Helen’s 10k to Marathon Challenge”. Whilst I have completed a marathon before, I have never been pregnant before and it’s fair to say that training this time is going to be far harder.

I’ve chosen to raise funds for PANDAS. If anyone is interested in sponsoring my efforts, you can visit my fundraising page here. My page will be open until after the Brighton Marathon next year and thank you very much if you are kind enough to donate!

I’ll keep you posted on my progress as I return to fitness, complete with a healthy slice of cake.

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