Pregnancy Fitness

When I found out that I was pregnant, I had wonderful aspirations with regards to keeping fit. I was going to keep running as long as possible, I was going to go swimming and I was going to find some pregnancy pilates classes to join. In short, any weight gain was going to be purely baby and I was going to be a supermum-to-be.

So what actually happened? I did a couple of slow 5ks in personal worsts. No problem with that, as the idea was to simply do them and to hell with the times. I went swimming a couple of times. I didn’t find a pilates class, but I continued to go for a nice long walk most days.

And then 8 weeks in, back pain happened.

23 weeks in, I still have back pain. It’s severe pelvic girdle pain and my mobility is restricted and I am unable to sleep at night, so I am constantly exhausted. Running is out. Swimming is not out as long as breaststroke is avoided (which I still can’t do anyway), but I have simply been too tired to go.

So how have I been keeping fit? Walking, mostly when I am able. A slow and painful limp to the local park and then back again. It’s better than nothing.  I have also been doing pelvic floor exercises, although I don’t know if these count. How the hell I have only gained 8lb in weight, I do not know. I look much bigger.

I am hoping to start aquanatel classes next week. This is a gentle workout for pregnant women, in water. I am looking forward to trying this, both to try to keep some fitness going and also to try to find some pain relief for this awful PGP.

With 17 weeks to go, I must confess that I am looking forward to get back to some regular exercise again, when I am able!

Other mums – how did you keep fit during pregnancy?

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