Quorn Cooks at The Underground Cookery School

A couple of weeks back, I had a great day out at the Underground Cookery School, courtesy of Quorn who invited me to a cookery class.

I love to cook and I was desperate to check out the Underground Cookery School. I’d been invited to another event there at the end of last year and ended up missing it through illness, so I jumped at the chance this time.

Armed with a glass of Prosseco, the evening started off mingling with other bloggers and learning more about Quorn, whilst nibbling on canapes.


Then we were divided into two groups and it was time to get cooking! A refill of drinks (beer this time) and it was time to learn how to make a strawberry roulade. I ended up on rolling duty and I’m proud to say that it didn’t break.

It didn't break!
It didn’t break!

Smelling faintly of strawberries, we then had a quick lesson on how to make Thai Red Curry with Quorn Chicken Pieces. This was really fun and we were told two top tips:
1) When making a curry paste, don’t worry about de-seeding the chilli peppers. The mixture should be passed through a sieve when adding to the pan and the seeds will get caught then.

2) When adding the ingredients to a blender (or pestle and mortar) to make the paste, add olive oil or water to get a good consistency. Otherwise it will be too dense. Our lovely chef used water.

The curry mixture smelled delicious, although there was a brilliant moment when it was pointed out that the chicken pieces hadn’t been added to the curry. Oops. Good to know that even the pros make mistakes, eh?

Then it was time to swap groups for my favourite part of the evening – pasta making! I’d never made pasta before so I was really looking forward to this.

See the look of concentration…

Pasta dough is surprisingly easy to make, but using the machine was another story. I got there in the end, but it was fiddly trying to feed the dough through the machine to create a thin enough sheet, before creating the tagliatelle to go with the Quorn Bolognaise sauce. I also managed to knock the handle off my machine and onto my foot not once, not twice, but three times. Ouch.

It didn’t stop me immediately lusting after a pasta maker though. Fresh pasta really is that much nicer than dried packet stuff and I suspect that the technique gets easier the more you do it.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay to sit down and enjoy the meal but I was sent home with a takeaway. I was especially impressed with the Thai Red Curry as the Quorn Chicken Pieces picked up the flavour really well.

Thai Red Quorn Chicken Curry
Thai Red Quorn Chicken Curry

Thank you Quorn and The Underground Cookery School for a great night and lots of tips on what to do with my Quorn!

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