The real life of a fitness blogger

In this crazy world of a fitness blogger, of social influencers, of Instagram, of everything, it’s sometimes really easy to forget that this is real life.

But is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

As I’ve talked about before, I sometimes feel like a fraud in the fitness blogger world. I can’t do chin ups. I eat cake. I wear a size 14 and I haven’t rub a sub hour 10k for 5 years. I can’t do a chin up. I hate yoga. I am a terrible fitness blogger.

Although, I can do a plank. Albeit with terrible form.


Fitness blogger planking
You probably shouldn’t plank like me


I’m not about to start complaining about fitness bloggers of Instagram posing beautifully and showing off their killer abs and fantastic squats. Absolutely not, in fact, I follow a lot of them because I enjoy their pictures. I’m also a little bit jealous that I lack the motivation to get myself into that kind of shape.

In all honesty, I’m not bothered about not being a hardbody, but I would be lying if I claimed to be 100% happy. I’d quite like my c-section pouch to go. I definitely would cut about 3 inches off each thigh if I could. My upper arms are definitely a bit wobblier than I’d like.

And all of this makes me feel like a fraud, which is ridiculous. Exercise, fitness and body positivity has no size. It comes in all shapes, in all sizes. The thing is though, when you put yourself out there (read this post by The Runner Beans), you’re being judged and you’re scared. And I’m always scared that people must think me a fraud, that I’m an idiot, that I obviously don’t try hard enough.

Maybe they’re right. Maybe they’re wrong.

I want health, fitness and most of all, happiness, to be for everyone. And for me, I need to remember when admiring photos, that the photos are their real life, but they are also for Instagram. And for all my securities about my body, that hardbody is also a person, probably with her own insecurities, because we all have them. And sometimes they will have a slice of cake, they get up in the morning and have greasy hair like the rest of us.

Yes, some of my photos are posed because they look good, many of them are natural and poor quality and I’m pulling stupid faces because I’m yet to master the art of a good running picture. Seriously, I’ve managed it once. And I suck at posing. But that doesn’t mean that posed photos aren’t a good thing – I believe they are. Showing how to do something, showing you at your best, why wouldn’t someone create posted photos? We’re putting ourselves out there and we want people to like what they see. So we carefully prepare photos.


Running blogger
I love my one good running photo


And those posed photos are still real. There’s a person behind the screen. A person with their own feelings, probably their own insecurities. Living their life, like the rest of us.

The stunning food photos? Believe me, that food isn’t always beautifully prepared and presented! That plate of beautiful colour has probably been eating cold because of faffing about trying to get THE perfect shot. But when sharing a recipe or food idea, we want to showcase it looking good. Nobody is inspired by a plate of sludge. And those gorgeous running tights? I guarantee they are in a sweaty ball on the floor, waiting to make it to the washing machine.


Acai bowl
My food certainly doesn’t always look this good!


So remember, what you see on the screen is only a snippet. It’s not all real life. And I also need to remember that I belong, too.

3 thoughts on “The real life of a fitness blogger

  1. You’ve just said all the things I want to say. Thank you. You are brave enough to put photos of yourself up there. You are true to yourself. Your honesty gives you credibility in this world. There are very few blogged pics of me, and there are none topless. I don’t have your courage to face the world like that. I admire you.

  2. I fully agree. I like a mix of posed and unposed. I’ll upload a load of gym-based pics or selfies and hope they’re a balanced mix of inspiration, motivation and, yes, showing me in a good light. It’s fairly narcissistic but I quite like how I see (or not see!) progress and I love seeing other people’s photos of the gym as I find them motivating and inspiring. I know I’m no model though and I have a long way to go in comparison to other people’s photos but I enjoy it. I think you’re photos are great :)

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