Recreating Amanda Chantal Bacon’s Day – HelsBels Style!

Have you heard of Amanda Chantal Bacon? She’s the owner and founder of Moon Juice, an LA based juice bar. She was recently featured in Elle, taking us through her daily routine. There’s no doubt she’s a pretty admirable lady, running a successful business, being a mother, looking fantastic…but is her routine realistic for most of us?

I like to think we’re similar. We’re both female for a start. We both run businesses. We’re both active. And we both have kids.

Ok, so she has beautiful skin, is in wonderful shape and is really successful. And I don’t have great skin, I have a soft tummy and I’m not very successful. But you know, minor details!

So here we go…the HelsBels routine!

The morning

I usually wake up at 7.30am to the sounds of my toddler calling from her cot. I lie in what is my state of meditation – snuggled under the duvet, eyes tightly shut, willing Rose to go back to sleep. She chants “Mummy, Mummy, potato.” I bypass the silver needle tea for a cup of strong black coffee in my china travel mug. Sometimes, I even wash it.


At least I can claim to be green.
At least I can claim to be green.


At 9.00am, I usually get round to eating breakfast. On a good day, I have marmite on toast made from homemade bread (in a breadmaker, who’s got time for kneading?) or yoghurt, granola and fruit. On a bad day, I grab leftovers. On a really bad day, I skip. But I usually manage another strong black coffee, full of caffeine, designed to power me through the morning. My beauty routine consists of washing my face and brushing my teeth, before attacking my eyes with a blunt eyeliner from Rimmel.

I usually make it to the office by 11.00am, with husband looking after the toddler. He’s usually given strict instructions to achieve X,Y,Z. We both consider it an achievement if the flat hasn’t burned down by the end of the day. I keep a bottle of mineral water on my desk and try to sip from it throughout the morning. Late morning, I usually want another coffee but I swap to decaff which doesn’t provide me with energy but I kid myself it’s my brain juice and that I burn more calories drinking it than I consume, therefore it’s like exercise and we’re onto a winner.

I deal with my emails and file them into three categories “respond”, “respond later” and “do not respond on the pain of death”.

Then I gear myself up to speak to people pretending to be sweetness and light whilst secretly wondering why these people are wasting my oxygen.


Some people drive me nuts.
Some people drive me nuts.



Lunch varies, but yesterday I had a tomato, mozzarella and basil panini from the local deli and it was delicious. I forgot (as is common) to take some lunch to the office with me and it was cold and there is no greater food than melted cheese when it is cold to warm me up. It hugs me close and warms my bones. Feeling restored to my fingers, I have renewed energy to type at my computer. Amanda may swear by activated cashews for brain chemistry magic, but for me, it’s cheese.

Think about it. You eat cheese before you go to bed and you have some crazy dreams. If that ain’t brain chemistry, I don’t know what is.

Plus I had to walk to and from the deli, so there’s some more exercise. I’m beating the odds already.

Amanda texts and deals with people whilst eating her lunch which she assembled in 45 seconds. It took me 0 seconds to assemble mine, but that’s because I paid someone else to do it. I then waste some time on Facebook and ignore the stuff I should probably deal with.

Mid afternoon

Mid afternoon goes two ways. I’m either finally in the zone, recharged from my cheese, or I need to recharge my batteries. I sometimes wear my running kit to the office with the intention of going out for an afternoon jog, but in reality, this doesn’t happen. It’s all about the illusion. And you know, maybe one day, I’ll actually do it. On the battery recharging days, I usually power up with a cup of brain juice. It’s a hot, caffeinated drink, served black and unsweetened. And a banana. Yeah.

I usually leave the office about 5.30pm and wrestle with the buses home. I usually play with Rose, starting out teaching her letters and numbers but inevitably ending in drawing pictures of penguins. Unfortunately, she can draw better than me. We roll around the floor playing football, then I put her to bed. This is usually the point that I might then try to squeeze in a run, but only if it isn’t raining.


This happens a lot
This happens a lot


Dinner time

I collapse on the sofa. I call this my relaxation state. My muscles relax and my eyes glaze over and my brain clears as I aimlessly watch whatever is on TV. Until I get distracted by Twitter or similar. I usually eat about 8pm. Last night I had grilled salmon, steamed veggies and brown rice. And then polished off a couple of caramel Lindor from my secret stash.

At 9pm, I enjoy a nightcap of my own heart tonic. It’s called Pinot Grigio. Then I have a hot bath, wash my hair and ponder life the universe and everything else. The bath is a great time to think and catch up on reading. I would probably do my emails, but then I’d drop my phone in the bath and that would be rubbish.




Then I go to bed and start all over again. And realise I forgot to put some bread on. D’oh.

PS – Anyone know how to activate cashews? I’m still hunting for an on switch…

9 thoughts on “Recreating Amanda Chantal Bacon’s Day – HelsBels Style!

  1. I think you activate cashews by plugging them into a socket. Yes this woman can definitely stick her bee pollen where the sun doesn’t shine.
    thanks for a dose of reality! lol

  2. This is a great post Hels Bels! I love the illusion of the running kit verses the reality:) I have sat in my running gear all day and not actually got out of the door to go for a run;) very impressed that you use your bread maker occasionally, ours just a sits on the kitchen work top collecting dust!!

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