Reebok Human Delta at Marble Arch

"A fuller life through fitness"
“A fuller life through fitness”

Reebok have recently launched their new brand mark, the “Reebok Delta” to symbolise their mission to help people change for the better and be the best versions of themselves through fitness. To celebrate the launch, simultaneous Les Mills BodyCombat, CrossFit, and Spartan Race workouts were carried out by London’s fitness community at Marble Arch on April 22 to create a living, breathing, sweating, human delta symbol. I was delighted to be invited along and opted to take part in a high-paced BodyCombat session.

The Human Delta - Reebok Launch Event
I’m down there, somewhere.

Although only a 20 minute session (5 minute warm-up, 15 minute workout), it was energetic and fun. Unfortunately, it would transpire that I am still horrifically uncoordinated, managing to go left whilst everyone else was going right, but nothing hurt and I had fun. Judging by the animalistic grunts coming from the Spartans, they had less fun* whilst the CrossFitters seemed to spending a lot of time planking.

2014-04-22 18.48.20
The look of a sleep-deprived new mum, after a workout.

I also had the opportunity to try out some Reebok apparel complete with the new branding, including this fantastic Reebok One Cotton Hoody. Warm, comfortable and moisture-wicking, this is really flattering when worn and I know it will be getting a lot of use.

Reebok completed what was a fantastic event with a round of beers and 50% discount vouchers for use in their Fithub stores, which can be found in Covent Garden, Oxford, Reading, Guildford, Bromley, Richmond and Bluewater. Do check out their latest ranges – it’s a great launch of the brandmark!

*Of course they had fun. They’re Spartans and therefore crazy.

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