Swimathon: Resetting a goal




The weekend after next, I am taking part in Swimathon. I was excited to sign up as one of the Ambassadors, aiming to swim 1500m. For me, this sounded like a big challenge and I was looking forward to see if I could put my swimming demons from the aquathon aside and build up to the distance.

Here we are, just ten days away from swim day, and I am publicly admitting that I will NOT be swimming 1500m.


Still a mermaid, in hair only


This isn’t the build up to a punchline of “Ha! Fooled ya! I’m actually doing 5k.” Although it is awesome when that happens, that isn’t the case for me.

I am extremely anxious in the water. I haven’t swum as much as I would have liked, due to colds and a sick daughter. I also realise that swimming once a week isn’t enough, but swimming is expensive when you pay as you go. My technique needs work, although I have learned about the importance of rotation thanks to watching the videos of Duncan Goodhew and Keri-Anne Payne.

So after stressing out about not advancing beyond 300m, about being so very tired and anxious in the water, I chose to reset the goal.

I have dropped the distance and I will be completing the 400m distance.

This is still a challenge for me. On Monday, I completed the 400m distance for the first time. It took me 32 minutes with plenty of rests between lengths and I was exhausted. On Tuesday, I went swimming again and I managed to squeeze out a 17th length for 425m in 28 minutes. Still with plenty of rests, still so very tired, but progress.

And that really is the beauty of Swimathon, that it truly is a #SwimForAll. Some people will be challenging themselves to the epic 5k distance. Others will be aiming to complete 400m for the first time.

My personal goal is now to swim 400m in 25 minutes.

I’m not ashamed to admit dropping the distance. It’s not a failure. I have learnt from the experience and I am realistic in what I can achieve.

And I HAVE registered for a swimming membership to keep it going! So maybe 1500m is on for next year…watch this space!

It’s not too late to join me with Swimathon! Choose your distance and away you go.

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