Revising a race plan

Trail running

Sometimes, despite your best intentions, you have to revise a race plan. And that’s exactly what I am having to do with the upcoming Spitfire Scramble in 2 weeks time.

Corey and I are running as a female pair and we were eying up a place on the podium. We weren’t going for times, we were just going to keep moving and rack up as many laps as possible, not caring about the time taken for each individual loop. Each loop is 5.9 miles. Corey wants to do 8 loops (she has got this!) and I wanted to make sure of at least 6.


Trail running


I talked before about my training plan and doing multiple runs a day, working out the walk/run method and doing yoga to stay loose and strong. It was going reasonably well and I was starting to think that I could do it. Then I went to Malta. The hotel I was staying at had a fantastic gym, so I made use of the treadmill before breakfast to keep my legs ticking over. So far, so good. Then I got sick.

It’s frustrating when you have a goal race and then you get injured or ill. The temptation is there to push through anyway. Unfortunately, I am nursing a busted rib on top of recovering from pneumonia and having spoken to my doctor at length, I’ve had to accept that Spitfire Scramble can no longer be my goal race this year.


Kalenji trail running skort
Looking happpy after last year!


So, I spoke to Corey, and we moved the goalposts. We wanted to do well, but we also wanted to do it together. My doctor said that he would allow me to do a 10k in a couple of weeks, if I took it really easy, did plenty of walking and stopped if it got tired. So, Corey will be the star of the show. I am going to go. I will be head cheerleader. I will crew Corey. And I will walk a lap on Saturday and hopefully a lap on Sunday. It’s not what I wanted to do, but at least I can still take part and have the fun experience of being part of a partnership. The race will still be there next year and hopefully I’ll be in full health then.

Is it what we planned? No. But sometimes things go wrong and it’s important to know when to step back as it isn’t worth risking further damage. Revise your race plan. There will always be another race.

And you know what? We’ll still have a blast.

4 thoughts on “Revising a race plan

  1. Well done for making such a sensible decision. It’s so hard to accept when we need to back away, but it sounds like it’s for the best.

  2. I’m sorry to hear you’re still struggling after Malta. Making sensible decisions can be difficult, but in this case you’ve definitely made the right decision. I wish that I’d been brave enough to quit the London Marathon back in 2006. I’ve been paying the price of running with a foot injury ever since. The Spitfire Scramble can be a 2018 target.

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