Royal Parks Half Marathon 2016 – Team Unicef

Are you taking part in the Royal Parks Half Marathon this year? Perhaps you missed out in the ballot and are looking for a charity place. Charity giving is of course personal and I urge runners to think carefully about taking charity places in events – if you wish to take one, please make sure it’s a charity that you are passionate about!

Team Unicifef Royal Park's Half Marathon

One charity that I often donate to is Unicef. They work hard to help the millions of children in danger throughout the world. They work in over 190 countries, influencing laws, policies and customs to help children, focussing on five key areas; violence, exploitation and abuse, disease, hunger and malnutrition, war and conflict and disaster.

So I was thrilled when they got in touch to ask me if I would join their blogger team. Since having Rose, I’ve become a lot more aware of the plight of children worldwide. What if it was her? There are so many children displaced from Syria from example, they’ve escaped a war zone, or they are still living with their families in the middle of conflict. Unicef also respond to crisis situations and have a Children’s Emergency Fund to help them do this. They quickly respond to get aid, food, water and medical supplies to children in need. There is a major crisis in Yemen, where years of unrest have left 1.8 million children at risk of becoming malnourished. Food shortages mean that nutrition supplies are depleting. Unicef and partners have worked hard to ensure that almost 1,250 tonnes of life-saving supplies have been delivered to Yemen since March.

Just £50 could provide a two month supply of peanut paste. This could bring two malnourished children back to health.

I’ve only touched on some of the amazing work that Unicef do – they also do a lot of great work in the UK, including supporting breastfeeding, internet safety workshops for schools and the Rights Respecting Schools initiative.

Joining their Blogger Team for me, was therefore a no-brainer. I am going to pledge to try my very best to run a sub 2.20 half marathon in October at the Royal Parks. This would make it a post-Rose personal best. I’m hoping that this public pledge to work hard to beat that time will hopefully encourage people to sponsor me nearer the time.


Do you feel inspired by Unicef’s work? If so, they are looking for 200 people to join their team and raise funds at this year’s Royal Parks Half Marathon, held in October in London. The registration fee is £20 and they are asking for runners to raise a minimum of £400. The team are lovely and they will encourage and support you along the way – I’ll be sharing my top tips on fundraising along the way. I know it can often be a huge challenge, especially as I have squeezed family and friends along the year!

Imagine, 200 runners raising £400 each. That’s £80,000. In Yemen, that would provide enough peanut paste to save the lives of 3,200 children.

Let me know if you decide to take on the challenge!

I have partnered up with Unicef to encourage my readers to join Team Unicef and they have provided me with a place of their blogger team. However, I will be donating the entry fee back to the organisation as I truly believe in their work as a charity.

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