Run to the Beat Headliners and Press Day

As Sure Run to the Beat 10k draws closer, I was thrilled to be invited to take part in their press day in Wembley. Although it involved being up at the unholy hour of 6.00am, it was well worth it. Even if it did mean that once again, I was up before my 6 month old baby.

We gathered at the Sky Bar at the Hilton in Wembley, where we were met by this imposing sight:

Oh, hey Wembley
Oh, hey Wembley


Last time I was here, I was watching Bruce Springsteen and attemping to clamber over fencing to get out of the crowds of people going to the tube station after. Parkour of sorts? This time involved a different sort of exercise.

We were given t-shirts and after changing, gathered outside overlooking Wembley where we were taken through a warm-up by James (I think it was James!) from Fitness First. It may only have been 4 minutes, but it was tough. We started with lunges. Lunges are fine, I can do those. It finished with these. Bah:

I was hardcore and did the non girly ones.
I was hardcore and did the non girly ones.


We were then led out on a 3.5k run, following some of the route, finishing outside the London Designer Outlet. Perfect for a spot of post-run shopping. But no, RTTB and Fitness First had other ideas…

Sure Run to the Beat media day 2014 (23)

HIIT (Hell, it is this!)
HIIT (Hell, it is this!)


Yes, it was time for the promised HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to cool down. I have done a bit of this before and it’s a killer. We were taken through a 20 minute workout, involving 30 seconds of intense exercise, followed by a 30 second rest. It’s a lot harder than it sounds and dripping in sweat, we trudged back in for showers and our promised breakfast.


Sure Run to the Beat media day 2014 (39)
Show me the pastries!


Thanks to the RTTB PR crew who invited me along to this event. I had a great morning getting some exercise and meeting some interesting people, including the fantastic Andy who is undertaking a 30 before 30 challenge. The DOMS from the HIIT lasted a few days, but I reckon it did some good as I ran my fastest 5k of the year 2 days later at parkrun. I often get nervous about group exercise, especially as I’m heavier and more unfit than usual at the moment, but the Fitness First guys were brilliant, motivating and understanding all at once.

For anyone taking part in RTTB in a couple of weeks time, the headliners have now been announced and Sigma, Nick Grimshaw and Tom Parker are amongst the acts for our entertainment. I’m not very good with current music (I’m a Bruce Springsteen fan, that says it all) but I have been informed by friends that this is a cracking line up.

See you there!

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