Running fine

I keep falling in and out of love with running at the moment. I made the decision a little while back that I was going to do another marathon. I decided to do this as I am someone who benefits from having a challenge to train for. I’m still picking and choosing which one, but I think it will be a spring 2019 marathon.

Meanwhile, I’m working on getting the love back. It’s coming back. Going out still feels like a chore, but I am enjoying it once I am out which is half the battle. It’s nice to just be me and the fresh air and the runners high afterwards definitely still exists!

So for now, I’m running fine. I’m not running fast. I’m not running great distances.

I was about to type “I might be running badly, but at least I’m running.”

But I stopped myself.

I’m not running badly at all. It feels like a chore going out, but I’m enjoying it once I’m out. No, I’m not finding it particularly easy at the moment, no I’m not running long distances and no, I’m not running at any great speeds. But I’m running and I’m enjoying it and I’m feeling good afterwards. I am running fine.

Sometimes we worry too much about running slowly, about needing to walk, about not doing long distances. Sometimes we feel guilty for enjoying so-called average runs because we think we should be striving to improve all the time.

Chill out! Sometimes it’s nice to just be running fine.

I’m going for a run tomorrow. I’m not going to run “just” 3km. I’m going to run 3km. And I’m going to enjoy it.

Happy running!



2 thoughts on “Running fine

    1. It really does, doesn’t it? I see so many people in groups who are obviously proud of themselves and should be, who then say “I know it was just…” I want to scream, NO, NO JUST ABOUT IT, YOU ARE BRILLIANT!

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