How to stay motivated in December

I always find December a funny month. I know Christmas is around the corner and we get swept up in the excitement, but I always feel a bit “meh” in terms of fitness. Despite knowing what to do to keep safe, I never feel 100% confident about running at night. So I always find that my running slips a little and then I feel a bit down. I’m sure I can’t be the only person to feel like this.


sleeping in December

I would rather snuggle up.


A lot of people get on board with Christmas and December and embrace the silliness of the Santa Run. That’s not me either. Don’t get me wrong, I’m envious of everyone having fun, but I have no desire to wear a silly beard and swelter in a Santa suit, because despite it being freezing, I still find a way to overheat. That’s not me either, although I’m happy to join in with the mulled wine after. In fact, drinking mulled wine before may be the only way to get me to take part…

I do enjoy the Christmas Day parkrun though and I do intend to go this year. I didn’t make it last year due to having a nasty cold, but assuming it isn’t raining and soggy, I’ll be there this time. I’m the definition of a fairweather runner…although I’m quite happy to run in the rain if it starts AFTER I’ve started running.


Geraldine and I after Bexley parkrun

Meeting a friend can help


I’m posting this slightly morose “woe is me” blog because I’m sure I can’t be the only runner to suffer from the December slump. But I do need to kick myself into gear. I’m signed up the North London Half Marathon again in March and I have an ultra to tackle. I can’t let my “December Demons” ruin January.

So, how do I intend to get over this? I’m working from home now I’ve let my office space go and on the days I drop Rose to the childminder, I’m going to run back. It’s only a mile, but I can string out a longer loop. I’m also going to see if I can arrange to meet up to run with friends. Where time permits, I’d like to drop into Elle’s Winter Run Club. By running with a group, there’s no need to fear running at night.

Finally, I’m going to book into a January race to keep me motivated. Time doesn’t matter. Maybe I’ll even find one for this month…


Runthrough Greenwich Park 5k Medal

Bling and cake is good for motivation


Does anyone else suffer from December running demons?

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  1. December 8, 2016 / 8:39 am

    Find an off road, trail race to enter. Nothing like splashing through muddy puddles with a bunch of like minded people to cheer you up!

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