A place for me to track my times. Perhaps you’re wondering why I operate two personal best systems? It’s so I can track my progress back to full fitness.

Personal Bests:

5k: 25:44
10k: 58:51
10 Mile: 1:37:15
Half: 2:16:30
20 Mile: 3:49:51
Marathon: 5:08:00

Post Baby Bests:

5k: 29:45
10k: 1:02:59
10 Mile: 1:49:11
Half: 2:27:03
Marathon: 5:43:11

Planned Races 2017


Fowlmead 50


Completed Races


Winter Run (1:2:59)

Marathon Day Marathon (5:45:23)

Worthing Half Marathon (2:27:03)

Sidcup 10 (1:49:11)

Dame Kelly Holmes Trust 10k (1:04:16)

Cakeathon (half marathon distance)

Fowlmead Challenge (rang out at 20 miles)

Spitfire Scramble (2 laps)


January QEOP 10K Winter Series (1:7:39)

QEOP 10K Royal Parks Series (1:06:34)

Ashford 10 (1:09:00)

Sidcup 10 Mile (1:59:30)

Richmond Half Marathon (2:31:17)

Croydon Half Marathon (2:54:something)* Flu-ridden. Ugh.

London Marathon (6:19:11)* Plantar fasciitis. Was always going to finish though.

Cakeathon – 3 laps, 10 miles (2:25:00)* Actual running time. Started 25 minutes late. 2 hours to run included 2 cake stops. Yum!

Hamstreet 10k (1:17)* Fell over 7k in. Ouch.

Eltham 5 mile (55:30)

Wedding Day 7k (45:51)

Spitfire Scramble: 3 laps* (24 hour race. 3 laps of 5.9 off road miles)

Run to the Beat 10k (1.05:40)

Truro Half Marathon (2:36:30)* THRILLED with this one. Brutal, brutal course.

Royal Parks Half Marathon (2:27:35)

RunThrough Greenwich Park 5k (30:20)

Dymchurch Marathon (5:43:11)

RunThrough Greenwich Park 5k (31:54)


London British 10k
Run to the Beat 10k
Chislehurst Chase
Royal Parks Half Marathon


Eltham Park 5


Royal Parks Half Marathon PB
Folkstone Half Marathon
Bupa London 10k PB
Brighton Marathon PB
Surrey Spitfire 20 PB
Sidcup 10 Mile PB


Henley Half Marathon
Bacchus Half Marathon
Bupa London 10k


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