RUNSportShoes Day

I was really excited after being invited to spend the day in Brighton by SportShoes  at a day full of running and fitness activities. It sounded absolutely excellent, not to mention a good excuse to catch up with Jog Blog and meet Lesley, who I owe cake after she was such an angel in offering advice after a nasty rental experience. Alas, work got in the way, a deadline had to be met and it was with much grumpiness, I ended up not being able to go.

By all accounts it was a fabulous day, as this account from the website sums up:

“On the 14th September, we held our first RunSportsShoes event in Brighton, which gave us a fantastic opportunity to meet with other fitness and running addicts and talk what we all live and breath – running. Participants were treated to sessions with our personal trainer and expert nutritionist, had their gaits analysed by Saucony and trainers recommended.

Following a group run in the afternoon, we listened to inspiring stories from super dedicated and driven runners, and tales of outstanding achievement against the odds. This was followed by a Q&A session with our expert panel, giving the audience – and even the SportsShoes Team – the chance to learn and ask the questions we’ve never known the real answers to.

A great day for improving our knowledge, swapping stories, and sharing tips and goals with fellow runners, we left tired but wiser, and more focused and motivated than ever!”

You can see the video from the day here.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that in future they’ll be doing something else! What a brilliant company, not just about the selling, but also genuinely about promoting fitness.

Am I gutted at missing out? Just a tad.


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