Saucony Hurricane Iso 2 Review

It can be difficult to review running shoes. It’s very important to remember that we are all different and that while one pair of shoes can suit one runner, they may not suit another runner. If you get a pair of running shoes and you develop foot pain, it doesn’t mean that the shoes are bad. It just means that they’re not right for you.

I’m very lucky that I often get sent shoes to try out. Some are great, some aren’t right for me. For the past year, I’ve been running in my beloved pair of Saucony Hurricane ISOs, which I purchased just before the London Marathon 2015. I’m an over pronator and my ankles often roll, so I needed something to stabalise my feet. I loved them and they’ve served me really well. It was time for them to be replaced and I was looking at upgrading them to the newer model when Millet Sports contacted me and asked if I’d like to review a pair of shoes from their extensive range. Naturally, I selected the Saucony Hurricane ISO 2, currently retailing at just £63, opting for a size 7 which is my normal running shoe size (I’m a 6 in normal shoes). They are designed for moderate to severe pronators.


Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 Womens


In terms of looks, well, look at them. They’re pink, they’re beautiful, they make me feel cheerful. I love pink running shoes and I make no apologies for that (it seems to be uncool to admit to liking pink running kit). But what are they like to run in?

Well, I’ve now been for a few runs in these shoes (probably about 25 miles in total) and I’m absolutely delighted with them. They fit well and are extremely comfortable. They are lightweight and my feet feel well supported. Compared to the original Hurricane ISOs, they seem to have more cushioning inside. My ankles feel cushioned. My heels feel cushioned. Everything feels cushioned. These shoes are like cushions, for feet. And I do like my comforts. I’m not sure if this could potentially lead to problems with blistering over longer runs, but at the moment, I haven’t had any blisters or rubbing. I plan to wear these in and use them for longer distances soon, so time will tell. At the moment, they definitely tick all the boxes for comfort, although I appreciate they still have a very low mileage on them.


Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 Women's underside


It’s hard to say how well they grip. They are road shoes, so they’re not designed for rocky mountains and hardcore trails. I’ve used them mostly on the pavements and on frosty grass. I did slip around a bit when it was frosty, but the pavements were icy and I’m clumsy, so this wasn’t really surprising. My advice is just make sure you don’t wear them to climb Ben Nevis or something.

The air mesh fabric means that the shoes are breathable, important when running as sweat and constant motion is a receipe for blistering. The toe box is durable whilst the shoe retains flexibility, making for a comfortable run straight out of the box.


Running in saucony hurricane iso trainers


Would I recommend the Saucony Hurricane ISO 2s? Absolutely, if you’re a pronator like me. Even if these shoes aren’t for you, but you’re in the market for some new shoes, do check out Millet Sports. They have a vast selection of shoes, suitable for all types of runners at great prices. With the ISO 2s retailing at just £63, I’m almost tempted to get another pair!


Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 Women's

Millet Sports sent me a pair of Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 in return for a review. Opinions are my own.

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  1. January 9, 2017 / 12:51 am

    I love how they are pink too! I agree there’s a lot of variety in shoes in terms of what works for each of us. Lightweight is a benefit for me also.

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