Seeking sanctuary in mindfulness

Post written in collaboration with Vitabiotics

I’m a person who gets stressed quite easily. Usually over things that I can’t control, or when small easy jobs which should take 5 minutes to do suddenly take most of the day. You all know the sort of thing I mean! London transport is something else which can irritate me beyond belief; luckily for me I now only have to deal with it once a week or so.



Yoga really has been a revelation for me. It wasn’t ever something that I really enjoyed, but now I have found a class I love and I try to go once a week at least.  That hour of “me” time is so important. My body is becoming stronger through the controlled movements and focusing on my breathing is helping me to handle some of the harder moves. This is also helping me to stay calm when something is winding me up as I now try to breathe through it and then the stress begins to melt away.  At the end of my yoga session, our teacher always takes us through a period of relaxation. No music. Just quiet and rest. I still can’t believe how energised I feel after.


Warrior Pose


No phone at dinnertime

I love food. I love cooking, I love eating, I love great flavours and discovering new combinations. I’m also terrible for not switching off and kept taking my phone to the dinner table to keep up with things. I’m making an effort not to do that anymore. I’m not going to lie, I’m often checking Facebook through lunch but at dinner time, I’m now leaving my phone elsewhere. I have a real conversation. I notice the flavours of what I’m eating and savour it more. I’m not planning what I’m going to do next, or worrying about responding to an email.  When I cook, I enjoy the process of cooking like I used to. And as a result, I make better food choices as I’m not just going for whatever is easiest and I try to include beautiful colours on my plate. Introducing a vitamin supplement such as those available from ​Vitabiotics​ into your routine could be a great way to supplement a healthy, balanced and varied diet, if you feel you need an extra boost.


Scribble it out

I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler. Nevertheless, carrying a notebook or colouring book around with me has been useful. Sometimes my thoughts whirl at a million miles an hour and I just need to write them down.
Other times, colouring something in can be relaxing, or even just aimlessly doodling and quite literally scribbling can help me to process my thoughts.


I used to think mindfulness was a hippy trend, now I can see how important it is to live in the present and be aware of our thoughts. It’s made a difference to my life since moving – it’s almost like I’ve hit reset.

Post written in collaboration with Vitabiotics

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