SKINS DNAmic Compression Clothing Review

We’re now well into 2017 and I’m starting to gradually increase my running mileage in light of the fact that the North London Half Marathon is fast approaching. Training is also a great opportunity to try out new bits of running kit to discover what works for you and what doesn’t. With this in mind, when SKINS contacted me to ask me if I wanted to try out the SKINS DNAmic Thermal range, I jumped at the chance.


SKINS DNAmic Thermal Tights


What is SKINS Compression Clothing?

There’s a lot of science behind SKINS. But to put it simply, compression wear aims to improve performance by improving blood circulation, which supplies oxygen to the muscles. This makes them work harder. Recovery time is also said to be quicker due to the increased circulation. This helps to eliminate metabolic waste and reduces lactic acid build up. So no more heavy legs. SKINS compression wear has been carefully engineered to ensure the correct level of surface support to the body, to enhance circulation, whilst remaining easy to move in. There is a lot of detailed information on their compression technology page – I had no idea of the science behind it.

DNAmic Thermal Women’s Compression Long Tights

I opted for the DNAmic Thermal Women’s Compression Long Tights, which are currently retailing for £40 in the half price sale. I chose the rather groovy “junkyard geo” print, which is sadly no longer available. I love the pattern, I keep staring at my legs in them and grinning which is a bit weird, but look at them!


DNAmic Thermal SKINS


I fell between a size medium and large on the size chart, and was advised to try the smaller size. When they came, I was concerned that I wouldn’t even manage to get one leg into them, but once I’d wiggled in, everything was in place and surprisingly comfortable. Don’t be alarmed by their size, they are supposed to be comfortably tight and will stretch.

To quote the website, “SKINS DNAmic Thermal Long Tights merge our best compression tech with temperature regulating thermal fabrics to keep you warm, fight fatigue and reduce the risk of injury.”

I’ve worn these tights in cold weather and can confirm that they definitely worked to keep me warm without overheating. If you were to pair these with the matching top, I imagine this would be the perfect cold weather running outfit. They are easy to move in and I’m pleased to report that despite not having a drawstring, they don’t move and stay in position. A key loop is attached to the waistband, but you will need a jacket or a waist pack to carry anything else.

Do they work?

It’s hard to say whether I really felt the muscular benefits of wear SKINS as the longest run I have completed in them so far is 10k and I didn’t really give it enough effort to expect to hurt the following day. However, I do wear compression socks for longer runs and have noticed that my calves don’t feel so tired after, so I expect that SKINS will also help here. As my distances are set to increase over the next few weeks, I’ll carry on wearing my long tights with the view to perhaps wearing in the North London Half Marathon and feedback then. I am definitely a fan of their thermal properties and the way my body feels like it is being supported.

And you know. The pattern.


DNAMIC Thermal SKINS Tights


SKINS have a big clearance sale on at the moment, with up to 50% off some lines. If something from their latest range tickles your fancy, then you can also use the code HELSBELS20 which will get you 20% off any full price products before the end of January.


Have you ever tried SKINS or other compression wear? How did you get on with it?

SKINS provided me with a pair of tights for review. Views are my own.


  1. January 11, 2017 / 7:34 am

    We love Skins in our house! They are by far the most comfortable compression items I have and they actually feel like they compress!
    The Boyf swears by the tops under his running shirt as they are brilliant at preventing nipple chafage on long runs.
    I have a couple of their thermal ski tops that I use for snowboarding and also used when I was regularly running in Switzerland (where it was cold enough for me to need them).
    They also last ages!
    Kat recently posted…Janathon Day 10My Profile

  2. January 11, 2017 / 12:36 pm

    I want some so much! They sound great and I love the pattern – I’d keep grinning too, so we could be weird together! X

  3. January 12, 2017 / 10:07 pm

    Stop making me want to purchase new running gear!!!! In the early days of compression socks and calf guards – I’ve just made myself sound really, really old – I used to run in a pair of Skins calf tights. I only stopped wearing them when they started to fall to pieces after about a million washes. Skins compression gear used to be quite boring, so I’m pleased to see that they have added some colour and funky patterns to their range of products.

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