Sports Bra Review: Hunkemöller Doutzen Sport

It’s been a while since I’ve tried out a different style of sports bra, so I was pleased when Dutch brand, Hunkemöller, got in touch to invite me to try out a product from their Doutzen Sport line. With items retailing between £8-£40, this is a reasonably priced line of visually very attractive clothing, incorporating style with functionality. With so many pretty items, it was difficult to choose, but I knew I had to try out the Doutzen Sport The Pro Level 3 Sports Bra.

According to the website, the Hunkemöller Doutzen Sport bra “has a handy zip closure on the front and provides maximum support during intense activities. The broad shoulders help reduce pressure on the shoulders. The print gives it an edgy look.” The sports bra calculator on the website suggests this is great for high impact activity.

My day-to-day bras are usually a 32G (variable depending on style and brand). Hunkemöller go up to a 40F, so I sister sized originally to a 34F, but eventually went to a 36F, expecting the bra to come up tight, and also to compensate a little for the cup.

Hunkemöller have nailed their packaging. It’s ethical as they use recycled packaging and it’s also very pretty. I smiled when I opened the box.


hunkenmoller packaging


Isn’t it all so pretty?

As sports bras go, this is fairly easy to get into as it zips at the front. A clever hidden clasp is sewn in, so you can hook the bra shut before you zip it, which makes it a lot easier to fasten. The fabric is soft against the skin and has a fair amount of stretch. Once I had adjusted the straps slightly, I had to concede that I should have gone for the 34 as the 36 is a bit loose across my back. The smaller band would offer a bit more support.


Hunkemöller Doutzen Sport


Although this bra is recommended for high impact sports, I personally feel that it’s best suited to activities such as yoga and pilates where you want support without feeling restricted. This bra offers enough support for these types of activities and the front zip means that it’s ideal for floor work as nothing digs into your back. It’s comfortable and very easy to move in. The smaller band may have offered enough support for some higher impact exercise, but my gut says that it’s better for lower or medium impact. Ladies with smaller busts may feel differently – I am busty and therefore very fussy when it comes to the bounce test.


Hunkemöller Doutzen Sport bra yoga


Hunkenmoller sports bra yoga


On the whole, this is a beautiful sports bra, nicely made and it looks great. In terms of comfort, it’s an absolute winner, but for bigger busted girls, I would say it’s best suited for lower-medium impact sports, but opt for the smaller band if you’re between sizes. If you’re looking for the perfect yoga or pilates bra, this is one to consider.

The Doutzen Sports The Pro Level 3 bra is available on the Hunkemöller website, retailing for £32 and is available in sizes 34B-40F.


Hunkenmoller sports bra


What are your top yoga bra recommendations? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I’m glad you wrote about sports bras today.It’s amazing to read this. I personally feel that it’s best wear to activities such as yoga.I love to wear it during my gym time.

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