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E.ON Energy have recently undertaken some research, showing that cold weather puts 77% of Brits off outdoor activity and running errands. Turning outside when the weather is grim can be difficult and I can relate to the struggles of knowing that a long training run is calling, yet staying in the warm is a more tempting option. I enjoy going out for a run when a crisp day is beckoning from outside, cold but sunny.

But when the wind is howling and bitterly cold with grey skies threatening rain, I know that I would rather stay indoors so it’s hardly surprising that so many others feel the same way. However, there are things you can do to motivate yourself to go out, or incorporate exercise into your home routine.

Dress appropriately

It may sound obvious, but dress appropriately for the weather if you are planning a long training run or similar. When the wind is biting, I don’t leave the house without wearing my Buff as a headband over my ears. I hate having the cold wind nip at my ears as it gives me a headache. I also recommend layers to keep warm as these can always be removed if you get too hot. It’s much harder to get warm when you’re chilled to the core than it is to cool down!


cold weather running


Hot shower/bath

When you get back, jump into a nice hot bath or shower. Make sure your thermostat is set so you don’t have to wait for hot water. I always find a hot bath relaxes my muscles after a workout, and I always feel much better after. Hang your towel/bathrobe over a radiator for bonus warmth after and don’t forget to enjoy a hot drink! The promise of a hot bath is definitely a great way to motivate me to go out, especially if I’ve got a good book to enjoy while I soak.

Eat well

19% of those surveyed said that miserable weather causes them to eat less healthily. Unfortunately, I am one of those people. I put on over a stone in weight thanks to the combination of my ankle injury and cold weather misery; it was just too easy to reach for biscuits and cake. I’m now taking more care about what I eat.

Stretch out

55% of Brits want to incorporate exercise into their home routine. Stretching in the morning is an easy way to accomplish this. I find stretching in the morning really helps to loosen up my back and energises me for the day. It’s also a great way to relax your muscles when the weather is cold!


Yoga palms on floor


For more information on how you can give yourself an energy refresh, check out Alice Liveing’s tips on the E.ON website.

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I’m giving away a £150 voucher for either Sweaty Betty or Gymshark. Simply comment below with your ideas for staying motivated during cold weather. Competition open until 7pm GMT 8th March 2019, winner will be contacted on 9th March 2019.

EDIT: And the winner is…!

The giveaway is now closed. There was one disqualification due to being outside the specified time frame. And the winner is…

Laura, who says that catching up on podcasts is a great way to get motivated.

Congratulations Laura, I’ll be in touch.

25 thoughts on “Staying active during winter months & GIVEAWAY

  1. These are great ways to stay motivated – especially the hot bath and book! My favourite! ☺️❤️
    I stay motivated by going running with my running group – knowing that I’ve said yes I’m going stops me backing out at the last minute plus the running group I belong to is totally awesome! xxx

  2. My main motivation in the winter is either to book in a workout with a friend so it becomes an active friend date or book into a class that I will have to pay extra for if I cancel. The joint motivations of not letting friends down and not losing money can be very powerful!

  3. I like to stay motivated by heading to the pool. There is nothing nicer than exercising in a warm pool followed by a warm shower with fancy shampoo and shower gel. I will avoid the cold weather anyway I can!

  4. Booking my week of classes up on a Sunday night is the best way to keep myself motivated! I can work my week around my sweat dates and I am set to lose all of those hard earned £££ if I don’t get my bum out of bed in the dark and into class! It’s tough but it’s so worth it.

  5. Cake is always good motivation! Especially a Slimming World or Pinch of Nom recipe. Plus I know I will feel better physically and mentally for doing it. So if I feel super crappy, I know it’ll work and make me feel a lot better.

  6. Wonderful post! Sometimes I do have trouble staying motivated to stay fit during the Winter months but, since I’m on a sort of “health kick” shall we say (after the constant pigs-in-blankets and chocolate fondant over the Christmas period) for that Summer body so one thing I do is just think ahead, think about choices and whether I really want that Summer bod or not. Humans tend to go for the option that delivers immediate gratification (I.E not going out for that run in the FREEZING cold and catching up on Celebs Go Dating) rather than long time happiness but, when left time to reflect and think, we can all make the right decision so, in essence, the motivation is my future body. Well, that and the thought of coming back to hot drink! Wonderful post and thanks very much for the giveaway!
    Marina Rosie x

  7. I succeeded in hitting my weight goal last year thanks to the beautiful weather. Long walks every evening without fail after work.
    Felt myself slipping up over Xmas & new year. (Everyone knows I am a sucker for M&S truffles)
    Pestered a friend into bringing my exercise indoors with now regular badminton every week.
    Roll on summer so I can hit the fresh air once more….

  8. Some top tips there especially as I’ve started back at the gym after a few years of health issues and bad knees!!

  9. I really struggle with motivation in winter. But I find that if I have podcasts to catch up on I am more likely to go out, and I also find that working from home so that I can go out in the daylight at lunchtime helps too! A massive cup of tea afterwards is always a fab reward!

  10. Goodness, I hate exercise. But, I also have an expectation that I’ll be able to continue with the level of activity I take for granted, which means I have to take the long term view. Although, at 47, it suddenly doesn’t seem so long term… Booking yoga classes in advance definitely means I’ll get there :-)

  11. Omg I so feel this article. I have major issues motivating myself to get out of the house in winter. I try and redress the imbalance by incorporating short bursts of activity while doing other things eg squats while waiting for the kettle to boil. Doesn’t increase my love of cold weather but keeps an active mindset :)

  12. My key tips for keeping well & motivated during the winter months are: eating the food your body craves, energy filled soups, stews, huge bowls of oatmeal etc. More energy = More likely to workout! Make time for releasing those endorphins by heading out for a walk, working out doesn’t need to be complicated or sweaty, just embracing the simplicity of movement. A walk in the crisp weather does me the world of good and I think it’s massively underrated. xx

  13. My tip for keeping motivated….I tend to hit the gym before work every morning and to keep motivated and not skip a gym session, I pack my work bag the night before and then I sleep in my gym kit being able to jump straight out of bed and hot foot it to the gym mean i’m always motivated and ready to go…and i’m saving money on my heating too!

  14. I find beautiful places to run that help me prep for my big race in June! This Winter has seen me face high winds, fog, hail, snow and sunshine in the Malverns and Cotswolds and I have loved every minute of it.

    If the location inspires you you won’t mind going out.

    It also helps to have a Dry Robe, warm clothes and heated seats in the car for the journey home

  15. I really struggle with motivation over the winter, so this year I joined the gym! That way the weather couldn’t be an excuse. Now I try to book classes with a friend so that we can motivate each other to go. Plus Saturday morning pancakes are my motivation for 8am Saturday spin!

  16. I tell someone that I am going to go for a run and that makes me do it, I’m working on making me do it for myself though!
    I’m doing a 12 week fitness programme at home too and am part of a small group on Facebook which keeps us accountable, it definitely motivates me!

  17. My motivation during the winter are the following:-
    a) booking a session with a friend, this could simply be a quick trot down the canal or a full blown gym session.
    b) block booking yoga which means I’ve paid so I’ve got to get my butt moving
    c) block booking with my personal trainer again it’s pre paid so I have to go.
    d) working out clearing the winter mornings (not that we’ve had much of these)
    e) playing with the kids in the snow (again not done this much this year)
    f) just getting outside for a walk at lunchtime as I work in an office with very few window.
    g) pre booked event early in the year that needs training for

  18. Can I first congratulate you on that glorious-looking forward bend, with your flat palms and straight legs. I envy you!

    Right… staying motivated in the winter – for me, I have to book in with other people to make sure I get things done. Whether that’s meeting a running group, going on a group ride, having a PT session instead of leaving it up to me to get to the gym for my workout – it’s the accountability that I need. That, and the community, and fun of training with other people. I’d say about 80% of the reason I’ve kept up any sort of exercise these past few years is from the friends I’ve made, the communities I’ve become part of, the joint adventures we’ve been on and things we’ve accomplished, together as a group or on our own but at the same time. A lot to be said for getting a training buddy or two, even in the cold and wet.

    I wrote some other tips in this post a couple of years ago:

  19. I always look forward to a hot cup of tea when I get back from a run outside in the wind and rain. I also wear a visor as I run with my glasses on and it’s much harder when they get rain on them. But if you really can’t face going outside, change up your routine- do a class indoors, or look on you-tube and try something on there instead. Having a race to look forward to means I have to tick the training runs off too, as I know otherwise the race will be so much harder.

  20. Great tips! I always try and give myself a goal to aim for, to keep me motivated – whether that’s a race, or a certain number of miles, or being able to get up a certain hill by the end of the month!

  21. Exercising with friends keeps me going during the winter months! That and the thought of feeling more comfortable in my spring/summer wardrobe!

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