Swimathon 2018: Swim For All

It’s time to announce my big challenge for 2018 and this is something that is really going to push me out of my comfort zone.

As one of the official Ambassadors for this year’s Swimathon, I will be swimming 1500m at the end of April. I am a terrible swimmer and long-term readers may remember my experiences of taking part in an aquathon. Confession: I haven’t stepped foot in a pool since.

Gulp. (Although hopefully none of that in the pool!)


Post aquathon sad face.


What is Swimathon?

Swimathon is the world’s largest (annual) fundraising swim. Aiming to replicate the success of the London Marathon, it was set up in 1986 as an initiative of pool managers in London to encourage Londoners to take up regular exercise and use their local pools. In 1988, Swimathon went nationwide! Swimmers can choose from a selection of distances from 400m to 5000m to complete in their local pool, while raising funds for charity. This year’s charity partners for the event are Marie Curie and CRUK and I will be fundraising for Marie Curie.




I have chosen to take on the 1500m option. I would by lying if I said I’m not terrified. My technique is poor and I tire easily. I just hope that with training and regular swimming that I am able to take on the 60 lengths at the end of April. I plan to go for a swim this week during lane time and swim what I can to work out my benchmark and go from there. Hopefully they will have a “very, very, very slow” lane. It will also be interesting to see what I’ve remembered from my swimming lessons back in 2016, prior to the aquathon.

So, why am I putting myself through something that terrifies me? If I’m honest, I want a medal. I always felt envy during Swimathon time watching my friends post their results on Facebook while thinking to myself “I wish I could do it.” Enough wishing, it’s time to make it happen. Why not me? Swimming is a useful life skill and it’s time to put my demons to bed.


Will you join me?

Will you join me in the pool? Swimathon is held over the weekend of 27-29 April 2018. Participants choose their own distance and if you register before January 21st, you’ll benefit from 50% off your entry. Click here to register and join me in this year’s #swimforall.


Maybe one day, I’ll swim like this!

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