A letter to Sweaty Betty about sexualisation …

Earlier today, I was horrified when I saw these Tweets pop up on my timeline: Seriously @sweatybetty who signed this off? I love your products, but I can't buy from you again if you think this is an appropriate way to present kids clothes. Bad enough that adult women are expected to be sexy whilst exercising but now kids too? pic.twitter.com/moDaDHfAY7 — Becca Johns ⚡️ (@thebeccajohns) May 14, 2018 Disappointed by this Lolita style photoshoot from @sweatybetty feels really overly sexualised, particularly the girl in the centre with her legs spread I normally love their… View Post

It’s a positive body image day

Sometimes it seems like we’re not allowed to say we like our bodies. I recently blogged about the secret fear of a fitness blogger. Those fears are still rife. It’s also no secret that I often have problems with body image. But this week, I had a breakthrough. I went to stand-up paddle boarding yoga on Tuesday. Yes, I was rubbish, but that isn’t what this post is about. I was handed a wetsuit and skulked off to the changing room to wriggle into it. As I changed into my bikini (couldn’t find swimsuit) to… View Post