Your Pace Or Mine? Book Review

As part of The Runner Beans Book Club, I’ve been reading Your Pace Or Mine by Lisa Jackson*. Although I finished the book a while back, I’ve been meaning to review it for quite a while. Sadly, it seems the pace of my reviewing is about the same as my running – not very quick.     Lisa, the author, is perhaps not what you would expect from a marathon runner who has now joined the “100 Marathon Club”. She completed number 100 at a Saxons, Vikings, Normans event I attended in April and she… View Post

If you buy only one ebook this …

Then you should probably make it The Flash Mob, a flash fiction anthology available from Amazon for Kindle for just 77p. That’s about the fifth of the price of a pint of beer and it’ll last longer too. Created by my clever friend Cathy (commonly known as Jog Blog) and her university friends Lisa Richardson, Jack Stephens and Sarah Kay Hair, this collection of short stories is a blend of quirkiness, humour, mystery and fantasy, catering to all tastes. With a bizarre mix of characters and zombies, this is one of the best 77p spends… View Post