Planning for a Spring Marathon

It’s that time of year when we start to eagerly anticipate the results of the London Marathon ballot. In just two weeks time, magazines will start dropping through letterboxes or emails into inboxes and we’ll know whether we are in or not. Spoiler, most of us won’t be.     Yep. Sucks, doesn’t it? However, there are other ways of running London. Qualify as a good for age (naaaaaah), run for a charity, or enter every competition going into you win a place. The last one worked for me to get a place in 2015… View Post

Train for a marathon on 2 runs a …

Some of you know that I ran my first marathon in Brighton in April 2011. It was the hottest day of the year to date and I got sunburnt, but I had a great day and loved every minute of it. I ran pretty well. I didn’t have any real expectations, but I had hoped to get as close to 5 hours as possible, finishing in 5:08ish. I still think had it not been quite so hot, I may have nudged under. I recovered quickly and was back running within a few days. I was thrilled… View Post

It’s all gone wrong…

My marathon training has had a lot of ups and downs this time round. Mostly downs. This is about the time when we should be tapering and runners start suffering from taper madness. Your body and mind plays tricks on you and you think every little niggle is a sign that your leg is about to fall off. Unfortunately, not every niggle is a niggle. Occasionally, a niggle is an injury. And this is why with 5 days to go, I’ve had to make the decision to withdraw from the Brighton Marathon. I ran in… View Post

You CAN and you WILL!

Lots of people enter marathons and then panic that they can’t do it. Or for some, the reaction of “what are you, mad?!” from other people can lead to self-doubt. I had a wobble a few weeks ago about my marathons, wondering if I can do them. But I CAN and I WILL and so can you. The marathon is a distance to treat with respect. It is a huge physical challenge. But it’s also mental and if you keep telling yourself you CAN do it, you WILL do it. I told myself this in… View Post

Marathon Training

The thing with training for a marathon is that sometimes you just don’t want to do long runs. And so you grudgingly go outside and talk yourself out of a good run. That happened to me today. 8 miles was on the agenda and if I’m honest, I wasn’t looking forward to it because I don’t find running around Sidcup terribly interesting. My Garmin took AGES to find a signal. I felt tired. I huffed. I took to Twitter for some encouragement. I got told to go. So I went. I’d been looking at routes… View Post