Reasons why exercise is great for your …

Post in collaboration with Vision Direct We are all aware of the many health benefits of exercise. But did you know that regular exercise is also good for your eye health? No, I didn’t either. I always naively assumed that your eyes somehow did their own thing and that the best way of looking after them was simply not to spend too long in front of screens and make sure you don’t read in the dark. But regular exercise is great for your eyes, which I suppose makes sense when you stop to consider that… View Post

How to stay motivated in December

I always find December a funny month. I know Christmas is around the corner and we get swept up in the excitement, but I always feel a bit “meh” in terms of fitness. Despite knowing what to do to keep safe, I never feel 100% confident about running at night. So I always find that my running slips a little and then I feel a bit down. I’m sure I can’t be the only person to feel like this.     A lot of people get on board with Christmas and December and embrace the… View Post

Why it’s important to cool down …

Post in collaboration with HCA You will already know how important a proper warm up is for your exercise routine. It raises your heart rate slowly, minimising stress, and also ensures that you warm up your muscles for maximum suppleness and efficiency. Slow and gentle will help you win any race, and as your fitness is a lifetime aim and goal, it’s better to pay close attention to ways that will allow you to do it with minimum strain and preferably no injury. Think of your body as being like a machine – you wouldn’t… View Post

3ness fitness, party, and pamper weekend

I was really lucky recently and was invited to attend a fitness weekend with 3ness. 3ness is a fitness events management company and they specialise in fitness weekends and holidays.     I’ve been wanting to attend a fitness break for a long time but have often felt a bit intimidated when looking at websites. What if I hate the food provided and get so hungry that I need to sneak out at night and hike to a Tesco Express for Kit Kats? What if I’m the only one who can’t do a push up?… View Post

Champneys Springs Bootcamp With Lights By Tena

Have you ever had an #oooopsmoment? There’s no shame in admitting you have. Almost 50% of women have experienced light bladder weakness in their lives. It becomes increasingly common as we get older or after childbirth. Exercise, sneezing and laughing are all things that can lead to a tiny #ooopsmoment. I’m fortunate as this isn’t a problem that I suffer from. However, it’s quite a taboo subject and a reasonably common problem for women when running, so when Lights By Tena invited me along to a Champneys Springs bootcamp, I went along to learn more… View Post